Earthing – July 19th 2020

Today’s message, I feel, comes as a sign of what we’ll definitely be needing, not just for the day but for the rest of the week. With the Cancer New Moon si close, and being the second one, grounding will be necessary.

I mentioned roots in a daily reading from this week and it all starts to click and make sense. So much, that I feel compelled to say that there’s a clear reason as to why we were being asked to root down within us, to anchor ourselves in ourselves and to be very in tune with who we are and what we stand for.

Why? Because this upcoming week, might bring sudden air shifts and winds that may shake us up a bit. The stronger our roots, the better we hold our ground in turbulent times.

We cannot control what goes on outside of ourselves, we are accountable for our own emotions, thoughts, decisions and perspectives, this is our space. Rooting into ourselves will be quite necessary so that these winds don’t completely make us lose our ground, our sense of stability, our sacredness.

If you feel uneasy at some point, or like your circumstances are throwing you off your ground. Come back to yourself, remember where your roots are, have a conversation with your heart and its desires and find comfort in them. Know that you are safe. You are sacred. This too shall pass.

If you can include any practice that grounds you, please do so. Focus on smaller things this week, take it one step at a time. Be present. When we look at the whole picture, it can be daunting and overwhelming, but doing just one thing at a time, one step after the other, brings back that steadiness that will be very beneficial to us all this week.

Working with earth’s gifts are also a good way to ground. If you have crystals, some you can use at this time are hematite, black tourmaline, jasper or smoky quartz. These will support you in grounding and balancing your energy. If you feel balanced but want to add a little support for this transformational moment, you can use citrine or malachite for a burt of motivation. These help us find courage and passion in times of change. Rose quartz is an ally too, if you want to open yourself up to change with love and grace.


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