Do You Believe in Magic? – July 27th 2020

The Magician comes up for today’s energy and that’s a breath of fresh air to me and probably to more of you too!

What serves us best today is to focus on what is possible, to open ourselves up to possibility and opportinities.

I don’t know if many of you have noticed but the energy available recently has been amplifying manifesting potential for us all. Some of you may even have experienced instant or quick manifestations. I’ve seen a couple of close people barely think something and start to happen. I’ve had some quick manifestations too this past week.

This gives us hope that we CAN attract circumstances that we want, if we believe like a child believes that impossible things exist. Belief is the strongest force it sets things in movement and opens portals.

Today, be very aware of what your energy is shifting to. Is it shifting towards what went wrong? What you don’t have? What is failing or lacking? Keep in mind that if our energy is focused on lack or any limiting beliefs, we may just end up confirming those beliefs later on.

On the other hand, if we consciously and actively seek to focus on trust, possibility and belief, we can tap into a the powerful surge of energy available now.

What will you manifest into existence today?

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