DIY – Vision Board (2020 Edition)

I’m sure many of you might already be familiar with Vision Boards, but I wanted to do this small article to give some guidance for those who might have heard of it but never tried it and some pointers from my personal experience for those who want to try it.

What I’m sharing here is how I usually do mine.

So, what is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is a tool that helps you visualize and manifest your goals and intentions. It’s really a visual collage of all the things you want to bring into your life. These can be done once a year, monthly or however works best for you. If you do a yearly one, you can make one at any time, it doesn’t necessarily have to be made on the New Year.

The magical thing about them is that you can make a single one with all your goals and intentions or even make one for each area (love life, career, spirituality, etc.). Like I mentioned before, this is a limitless, creative process that you have complete control of. You can do it however you envision it. You can go from a physical board to a digital one.

How does the process work?

Before creating the visual part of your Vision Board, you have to have a clear idea of what you intend to manifest into your life during the time you choose. If you’re not so clear on this part, you can meditate to have it become clearer.

Go to your Sacred Space or somewhere you can sit or lay down quietly for a couple of minutes. Start to focus on your breathing, take long, deeps breaths and calm your mind and energy. It’s ok if some thoughts come to your mind, regarding other things, don’t panic. Just let them pass and refocus on your breathing.

Once you feel your energy is calm, centered and you are in this moment, in the present, begin to visualize in your mind’s eye, how you’d like the next phase of your life to be.

What are you seeing? How do you feel? What does it look like? What energies do you feel around you? Who is there with you? Try to have it be as detailed as you can. You can ask for guidance before from your higher self and spirit guides before you meditate to help you gain clarity on what you truly want. After you visualized everything, write it down in your journal or on a piece of paper.

After you’ve written down what you want to manifest, I suggest you break it down into 3 columns. On the first column, write down what you want to manifest, on the second column, write down how manifesting that makes you feel. And in the third column, write down 3 actions you can take towards that. Remember, intention without action is just wishing. Magic happens when we set our intentions and take inspired action towards them.

How to make a Vision Board 3


How to make a Vision Board 2After you’ve written down everything, start to look for the images that will represent each feeling, goal, wish, dream or circumstance. You can use magazines, search for images online or sketch them. If none of these do the trick for you, you can use words or any other means. The important thing is to connect a visual element to the intention.



How to make a Vision Board 1

If you’re making a physical Vision Board, once you have the visual elements ready, you can begin to place and paste or pin them in whatever order you think it needs. After this, you can snazz it up! Glitter, stickers, markers, cutouts, anything goes!


How to make a Vision Board 6
The important thing when placing the images (whether digital or otherwise) is that you do it with intention.

If you’re doing a digital version, make the collage however it resonates with you and voilà! You’re done.

Place the Board somewhere where you will see it every day. Keeping it in sight allows the subconscious to be connected with those intentions at all times.

From time to time, check in with what you have placed and reflect on what actions you’re currently taking to manifest these wonderful things. Readjust the actions you’ll take, if needed.

Journaling can be a very useful tool to filter whatever answers you come up when asking this question. Why do you want the things you put up? What can you do as a daily practice to manifest them? Is there something that changed or didn’t resonate anymore? Was there something you wanted that you no longer want? Allow yourself to flow, this also means being able to change the course.

You set whatever timeline you want these things to manifest in. Whenever the time is up, if you feel like making a new one, do it. I usually burn the old one in a little gratitude ritual and make space for the new.

Remember that HOW you say things holds power, so when setting the intentions for your Board, make sure you set them as “I AM” or “I HAVE”. Speak, feel and think as if you already have the things you’re selecting. This will potentialize it even more. We attract not only with our thoughts, but with our entire being. This was a very important lesson for me in the past years. Be aware that you are capable of manifesting your desires, if you put money, love, success, growth, etc. On a pedestal, you immediately put it out of your reach, and your vibration will follow.

This is one of the most powerful exercises in being conscious and aware for me. Because in order to manifest these wonderful heart desires, we really have to connect to them on a vibrational level, on the SAME vibrational level. We attract what we are. We attract on the same vibrational level we are in, and our vibration is a result of our thoughts, emotions and actions together.

If you *think* you’re worthy of something but have limiting subconscious beliefs or behaviours, that affects your vibrational state, making it more difficult to materialize. I will give you an example from my own life experience: I worked on financial abundance for over a year, a few years back. I had my abundance altar, lit a candle every day, set my intentions, said my affirmations, did my meditations, had my abundance cristals set, some I carried with me. I was on top of every little action I could think of, to get the energy flowing. But it didn’t seem to be working…

Until I noticed that deep down, I was still afraid when my phone or credit card bill would come and I didn’t have the money to pay for it. I still felt like I didn’t HAVE it, it still felt out of reach. It would make me feel frustrated and sometimes angry. I picked up on that, and I started to consciously change my thoughts AND what I was feeling. Whenever a limiting thought would creep in, I would immediately reprogram it into a limitless one. When I started to feel anxiety or fear, I would consciously guide myself back to a calm and trusting state. This shifted everything. The alignment of vibration+intention+action is incredible.

So, my best advice is to really put your heart into your vision board, really FEEL IT. And adjust your actions so you are able to continue to feel it.

Here is one of my last Vision Boards as an example of what it can look like (Sorry for the low quality pic!)

I hope this was helpful to you in your journey! If you’d like to try it out, feel free to share so I can see the result of your creative work.

Happy manifesting!



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