Divine Protect ion – July 14th 2018

How have you been feeling in the past weeks?

Have you noticed big shifts and change rolling in? If you feel like you’re constantly facing some sort of crossroad, you’re not alone. I’ve had people share their own experiences without me asking and it has been strangely comforting to hear that as a collective, we’re all in the same boat. Waves of change keep crashing in, but it is up to you to sink or swim.

Awaken. The Universe is calling out to all of us, it’s time to reconnect to your highest self and be fearless in your actions because you’re protected. We are divine beings co-existing and co-creating as one.

Whatever you decide, you will always be protected. The Universe always has your back and your highest interest present. Knowing and trusting that, allows you to charge forward, to truly feel and believe in yourself and your path. Why would you be afraid if you know you’ll always be ok no matter what?

It’s time to rekindle Universal love. From a place of Love and gratitude, comes acceptance and peace. A New era approaches, embrace it!

– Moon Siren

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