Divine Power – February 9th 2018

Believe in yourself. You hold the power to create, to manifest, to mold and shape your life. You have more power than you might know and now is the time to really embrace it.

Now is the time to take control and take action towards those things you want to create. What you have within, you will attract into your life, so believe.

Believe in the endless opportunities and possibilities that you can create. No matter what transits and alignments are around you at this time, you always have control over how you manage your life. That’s the beauty of free will. If you feel it’s time for something to end, begin or change, trust it.

Love, happiness, strength and peace are within you at all times, it can’t be found outside of you. That’s your power. You were given all the tools you need to deal with whatever comes your way. It’s in you.

Believe in yourself. Embrace your divine power.

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