Divine Potential – August 25th 2020

Today’s message is a limitless one. It calls to us and asks us to see potential everywhere.

Allow yourself not to be completely closed off to the unknown today, no matter how things might seem on the outside, there is always potential. Whether this be in job matters, a relationship, a project, or in your life overall, keep your mind open to the endless possibilities available.

Sometimes we unwillingly or subconsciously limit ourselves in believing we think we know how everything might go, how something might turn out, how someone will react, what will happen or when. But we’ve all been surprised by curve balls that seemingly come out of nowhere. Proving that we don’t really have certainty over anything. This is both scary and liberating.

Take the opportunity today to really look past any challenges, downfalls, difficulties or confusion and find the limitless pool of opportunity within. I know it sounds cliché but, trust me, there is always something we can take out of any situation.

If you’re dealing with people, try to look past what you see and you may en up discovering so many more layers than you thought you know.

For some, this card can also advise that subconscious things are coming to the surface, and this is not a wild thought, considering the square between Mars and Saturn right now. Triggers may be coming up to be revised before we take action.

Whatever your circumstance is, look beyond.


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