Divine Crossroads – July 7th 2020

Hello hello!

You know I usually write my messages according to what I receive intuitively when I pull the card UNLESS, the message I receive is “Look at the book”. Then I always grab the guidebook and read the message. Usually when his happens is because that is the exact message that must be shared and today’s message, well… that happened. So here is the guidance from the Starseed Oracle Guidebook:

“There was a moment before you were born where you chose the conditions of life you are living in right now. When you plotted out these exact moments along the timeline of your life. 

We live in a world of free will, and therefore these moments become our destiny only through saying “Yes”. The fated life is the one we were born into. The destiny life is the one our soul chooses, and it takes courage and faith. If you pull this card is because you’re likely now face to face with the choice to follow the destiny life over the fated life. To trust the path your soul is calling you toward – and to remember that this moment was prearranged on your life’s timeline.

You may find yourself at a crossroads. At a moment when you’re being called to make a decision; to keep walking the perfectly layed out plan before you or choose the one less traveled. You may be facing a change of career, a new relationship, a difficult decision, or something else that requires courage and faith. 

You’re being invited to remember your soul’s greater plan and surrender to it. When you’re confronted with a path that’s undefined, it’s normal for doubt to rear its head. In fact, this is a certain sign that you’re soul’s greater plan. Every hero in his or her life journey, comes eye to eye with doubt. The only way around it is through it. It’s all part of the larger plan”

On a personal note, I do feel like there’s a theme to this week that leads me to believe that it’s an important week where some important decisions will be made or at least considered. With yesterday’s message being about sacrifices, today’s message about crossroads and the Weekly Reading having the Queen of Swords and Six of Swords energies.

Listen to your heart and soul. What is it telling you?



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