Divine Connection – December 6th 2017

6. Seeds of Shakti Oracle

Open yourself up to divine messages and connections. Today is a very good day to do a meditation or a practice that allows you to work on your Crown Chakra.

Once that channel is open, you can not only raise your vibration but ask for guidance or clarity on a certain matter. The answers are out there, sometimes it just takes a quiet mind and an open heart to hear them.

Allow your mind to really go quiet, eliminate all the mental chatter and clutter than can distract you from truly listening to your higher self and/or Spirit Guides. Clarity comes when you are really open to listening, and with this Mercury Retrograde really settling in, clarity is much needed.

 “I am consciously living my Divine purpose with faith”

– Seeds of Shakti Oracle Deck Guidebook

The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.– Moon Siren

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