Devil In The Details – September 7th to 13th

We’re starting a new week and the shifts can really be felt, still. Changing and interconnected energies flow through us like rivers go through rocks.

This week, the energy that surrounds us is that of The Devil card. We need not fear this energy as it is not inherently evil, as it may appear.

What I strongly feel is that this week, we may be coming face to face with things that might scare us. Our fears might be coming to the frontlines to be seen, heard and recognized. This energy to me also speaks of attachment and limitations.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re being triggered this week, in more ways than one so it’s really important to keep our being open to what we might be seeing. If a plan falls through, what does it spark within? trust? fear? uncertainty?

This is a very good week to do some personal shadow work. Why? because a lot of answers will be revealed behind those triggers and emotions. If there are any limiting beliefs that have come with us so far, now is the time to really pay attention to them so we may do the work it takes to reprogram them. If we’ve been having blocks or feeling stagnant in one or more areas of our life, this could shed a light on why we ourselves might be very in our way. If there’s behaviors that were created due to past trauma or pain, they may resurface to we finally understand that we are not our past. Unhealthy attachments to people, emotions, thought patterns, situations or other could be a theme too, I know personally, It’s a little overwhelming to see so much.

Letting go of preconceived ideas and expectations would not be uncommon either with this energy present. Anything that keeps us bound and chained can be seen right now. It’s probably not a week-long process to finally let it go, but this week helps us to identify WHAT is actually keeping us small and constricted. This will give us a chance to see if we’re doing it to ourselves or if it’s something external that we’ve allowed to control us.

This week might be a little dense or intense, but we can come out stronger and wiser. Be patient with yourself.



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