Deep Breaths – July 5th 2020

How is everyone feeling today? I hope you’ve gotten some rest.

Today’s message as I like to do on Sunday is a Self-care message for today and the upcoming week. And I feel like it’s very in tune with the rest of the energies that we’ll be dealing with for the week.

This is a simple reminder to breathe through any circumstance. To focus our attention into the amount of oxygen we are putting into our body. To mindfully take out breath into every part of our body where we can find tension to help us release it.

Let’s not forget to do that this week. Let’s take at least 5 minutes in our day to sit down, ground ourselves and take long intentional breaths to help us relax and center ourselves. Feel your lungs filling up with air, feel the breath go into every part of your body, notice how the air passing through your lungs feels, notice the difference in how you feel before and after you breathe.

If you want to go the extra Mile you can always look for specific breathing exercises online and integrate them into your daily routine. You can even use a few drops of lavender oils in the palm of your hands, rub them together to activate the oil, cup your hands together and breathe it in.

We’re all in a process of learning how to self soothe and strengthening that ability.

Have a wonderful Sunday all!



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