Dedication Meets Progress – September 2nd 2020

Slow and steady is today’s mantra from this card!

Commitment, determination, patience and effort is what today’s energy brings. If you’re not at all satisfied with something today, whether it be a task, an area or anything that comes to mind, know that it can be changed. Maybe not an abrupt and imminent change, but taking it little by little. A few changes and adjustments can go a long way today.

We have to be tenacious enough to want to see things through, regardless of how long it takes us to complete. That’s the message from Buffalo energy and the Eight of Acorns.

Things are unfolding, visible or not visible. But if you want to take today as a sprint, you run the risk of overlooking important details or factors. So, that’s why we have to take it slow and steady. Do you remember the story about the tortoise and the hare? well, the tortoise knew it would get to the finish line without rushing into any shortcuts or detours.

Find the strength and the will to know you can face whatever mountains you have in front of you today, take strong grounded steps, one step at a time and you’ll see progress by the end of this day.

If you find yourself sluggish or lagging behind, you can ask yourself what you need to do so you can start with one single step. I know I’ve used this example here and there but this one I’ve learned from experience. If you look at the whole mountain before even starting the climb, you can feel overwhelmed and powerless. There’s power in the small things as well, so when we focus our energy on what we can do (taking one single step at a time), we’ve gone far before we know it. Then it doesn’t seem so daunting. You don’t have to commit to absolutely everything at once. Even if you commit to one thing today and see it through, you’ll feel that accomplishment.

You are strong enough to make way. Tread happily!



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