Cup of Love -February 29th 2020

Oh what a beautiful energy we have around us today!

Let love rule.

A very loving energy present, overall. No matter how it manifests in your life today, you’ll surely be feelin’ the love. Whether it’s in a partnership, with friends, with family or even just feeling like doing something nice for someone, we may be feeling quite open to connecting to others today, and maybe even connecting with ourselves. Feeling very comfortable in our skin. It’s a radiating and warm energy.

It’s always a good day to do something kind, but especially on a day like today, if you’re feeling this energy, go ahead and spread the love. Pay it forward, do something kind for someone else, treat yourself to something, show appreciation to those around you. How long has it been since you expressed to those around you how you feel about them?

With this wonderful energy around, it’s also a good time to make peace with something or someone. Forgive. Enjoy spending time with those you love, those who make you happy, those who support and encourage you. Really allow yourself to feel that love from them.

And, since it’s the weekend… go have some fun! make some more special memories, go on an adventure, do something that makes your heart buzz.



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