Crystal Clear Healing


Have you ever been drawn to a certain crystal or stone?

It’s funny how things flow effortlessly in the Universe, without you knowing it. I was never into Tarot Cards or Crystals. NEVER.

I started doing yoga a couple of years ago and that opened up a whole gateway of information and transformations my way. Yoga lead to meditation, meditation to malas and chakras, energy work to Astrology and Tarot. Eventually, I stumbled upon the first ever crystal I had been drawn to: A Rainbow Fluorite Point from Mantras & Miracles. I just HAD to have it and I didn’t even know why. So I bought the Fluorite point and a Malachite Chrysocolla.

After this, I was hooked. I continued to work with these two while adding more and more to my personal collection.

For those of you who already work with crystals, you probably know about their vibrational, healing and amplifying energies, how and when to use them and so on (I’d love to hear how you started working with crystals). For those of you still beginning to work or are interested in working with them, this might spark your interest, so keep reading.

What good can come of owning a crystal? Well, the power of crystals is quite extense. It’s been around for a long long time, ancient civilizations used to already know and use stones/minerals/ crystals in rituals, ceremonies, in their daily lives. They must have known there was a reason to it.

Crystals can aid us, they hold a great powerful vibratory effect which can be used to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages, to align or balance the chakras, to raise our vibrations and to amplify the energies we want around us or clear those which we do not. Crystals/stones can also bring our take out energies from spaces, not only from people, this makes some of them especially good to have around.

There are all types, colors, shapes and finishes in crystals. What you want to work on could determine what crystal you choose, or you can go through something like I did, where it mostly felt like the Fluorite chose me. There are small tumbled (polished) stones, large raw chunks, you name it, it’s out here.

If you find some that are just right for you, it’s always a good idea to smudge them after your purchase in order to cleanse any transitory energies that might have lingered. A few ideas on how to cleanse your crystals:

  • You can burn Palo Santo or Sage and cleanse by smoke. Feel that smoke taking away all the impurities and energies you don’t want around. Off with the wind they go!
  • Place them on a Selenite slab or use a wand (Clear Quartz is also good) and move it all around the crystals with the intention to cleanse and remove any unwanted energies.
  • Going to the beach anyone? Saltwater is a great and natural way to ionize, cleanse and recharge your crystals but beware! not all crystals are water/salt friendly so check first before you ruin any (Trust me, I also did that).
  • Another tool is dry salt (Direct or indirect contact) Placing them on a saltbed overnight can clear them out. Just like with water, not all crystals should be in direct contact with salt, so if you want to try this method but have non salt-friendly stones, place a dish, cup, container in the middle of the saltbed and place your crystals in the container. That way, they won’t be in direct contact with the salt.
  • The last way I like to cleanse with, and the one to use when you’re on the run and don’t have your tools with you, is by intention & visualization. Envision white light surrounding your crystal, feel it cleanse, release all the unwanted energy and thank it for having come to you.

Remember that cleansing is not the same as recharging/energizing your crystals and stones. Recharging can be done by:

  • Sun/Moon baths are EXTREMELY powerful to energize crystals and stones with (and my personal favorite). For these baths, you can even bring out any objects you have that carry meaning or energy for you (totems, Tarot cards, feathers, etc.). Moon baths are perfect for any type of crystal, Sun baths again, are not for all crystals. Some may start to crack or deteriorate if left under direct sunlight for too long.
  • Hold them. Be grateful for them, express gratitude and thank them for aiding you in your journey. They are vibrating with YOUR energy, which means you are connected to them in a way, no one else can. This also means that you will feel when they need to be recharged or cleansed.

Now that your crystals have been tuned, programmed for you, cleansed and recharged, you are ready to start exploring along with them. Make grids, meditate and love them!

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