Creating Miracles – March 2nd to 8th

How is everyone feeling after that last week of February? I can almost hear a lot of you with a little “sigh” or relief.

I’m happy to say that energies keep shifting and this week’s energy might be just the giddy breath of fresh air after last week.

When drawing for this week, two cards immediately jumped together. When I flipped them over I was overjoyed. I mean, who wouldn’t be excited when reading “Miracle of Life” and “Create Your Reality”? Those two together seemed like a powerful message indeed and so aligned with the energy that came up in the March Reading which had The Magician card representing the first week.

I know we’ve gone through a long time (sometimes it feels like a lifetime) or closing chapters, ending cycles, clearing and purging. However, I do feel that the reason why all of the Universe (above and below, here and there) is conspiring in this is because we are all ready to LEVEL UP, to step into more vibrant, happy, fulfilling lives. Waking up to higher consciousness to become lighter beings.

I really like using this example: If I were to walk up to your house, with a truck filled with things you desire with the intention of giving all of it away, as a gift to you. What would you think? That would be really exciting right? But what if I told you you could have it, if there’s enough space in your house for everything? Imagine having so much already, cluttered and hoarded, that there’s not enough space for all of the gifts. I could very well leave all the gifts, but it would take you a while to find a place for them, it might bring up some chaos because you would have to move things around, throw some out. And maybe, just maybe, the new gifts wouldn’t create the same appreciation as they would if they already had a special place for them.

That’s the way I see this process. We are clearing out years, decades, centuries of personal and collective energy. The reason why we are needing to clear so much, IS because so much more is trying to come in. So, let’s open up the door! Let’s allow ourselves to receive! We can create whatever we want for ourselves because we can choose to do it. We can choose to align our actions, emotions and thoughts with what we want. But this all starts with recognizing what we already HAVE and being grateful for it. Gratitude is the key that unlocks the door to these possibilities. This week, focus on all of the things you have already manifested in your life, feel that vibration, give thanks and visualize what you want, embody it, feel it. It’s yours.

I wanted to share the two affirmations that come in the booklet for these two cards because I feel it’s a MUST to connect to this energy both on a conscious and subconscious level to really get the ball rolling!

“I live a life full of wonderful miracles and give thanks for the Divine flow in my life and all that is manifesting perfectly.”

“I open myself to receving the abundance of the Universe as I take action towards creating my dream life.”

Let’s create a new world together!



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