Clearing Out – April 9th

The week’s almost over, and today’s draw is a small marker for that. 

We have come to the understanding that everything in life has a cycle; and much like in nature, there are cycles present in our lives every single day. 

Today’s energy is one of releasing. Autumn, in the seasons, is when we notice trees shedding their bright leaves and preparing to go inward to sustain themselves. It’s the same invitation we get from the Autumn card today, but for ourselves. 

This can be applied both in the practical and spiritual sense. On the physical, you may be needing some rest from the hustle and bustle that previous energies have had you in. Perhaps you’ve been walking the walk and getting closer to your dreams but now could use a little pampering, yourself. 

Taking proper care of our bodies is something that tends to go out the window when we’re being extremely active with other tasks and goals. This isn’t because we don’t care for our bodies but because we start to set priorities differently. If you feel that this resonates for you, this is a reminder to come back into your body and listen to what it needs. You may be needing extra sleep on one night, or perhaps some sun or a little pampering. Whatever it is, it’s time to release some stress and possible bad habits that keep you from your optimal state. 

In the spiritual sense; you may be being called upon to let go of what’s actually holding you back. It’s time to shed so that you can become even more vibrant and energized for all that’s to come. The new beginnings that are afoot need the best of you to bloom and flourish, so why would you resist letting go of things that might hinder that? Let go of unnecessary pressures and expectations you have for yourself or the circumstances, and surrender to what can be.

Additionally, this can also be a message for you to try to do things differently; a call for you to release old ways of doing things and be open to new paths and experiences. 

It’s time to wind down so you may bloom later!

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