Clearing – February 17th to 23rd

Hi manifesters!

My apologies for skipping last week’s energy reading, but I had some other things to attend to and just didn’t get to do it in a timely fashion. But here I am with this week’s energy reading!

I simply cannot express what my soul feels when the messages coming in are so clear and so in tune with what’s going on above and within. This week’s card is no exception. I drew a card from the Angels and Ancestors Oracle and was just blown away. It encapsuled the energy surrounding us so, so well.

As many of you know, we have already entered Mercury Retrograde and of course its energy had to be around for sure. This message to me is a confirmation that everything that is coming up right now is clearing a path. Yes, I hear myself and I know you might be thinking “well, isn’t that what we’ve been doing for the past YEARS?” And yes, you would also be right. Personally, I don’t think we ever stop clearing things out in our life. But back to what’s going on this week.

I wanted to share the opening message from the Oracle’s Guidebook because it resonated so strongly:

“Release all of the pressure and expectation weighing you down. Shed it all so you can recover before moving into a time of renewal.”

One of the lessons I feel are coming from this energy is to surrender control. This doesn’t mean we just stand by and watch life passes us by while we’re being passive but rather to surrender the control we “think” we have over certain things. Sometimes we work towards something with fixed expectations on the outcome, or how it should look like, when it should be. And this week, things might not be going exactly as we planned. They might go better than expected for some, maybe not for others. But the lesson here is to accept all possible outcomes, but still set intentions and work towards the outcome that resonates with you. Believe it is possible, just avoid fixating on the specific details.

This is also a supporting energy for releasing  the pressure we sometimes put on ourselves; how we “have” to be, act, think, what we “have” to do. Sometimes it’s good to loosen up the grip a little, even if it’s a little chaotic, but things always have a way of working out. When we put so much pressure on ourselves and others, we may blow up in full steam. So, observe where you can release some self-imposed pressures. Give yourself room to breathe, to have fun and to just be.

Releasing certain expectations, on anything really, can be very liberating. When we have very rigid expectations, we leave no wiggle room for things to manifest in a different way than we had imagined. Releasing expectations also makes us feel lighter, because we become more accepting of what may come. We open ourselves up to more possibilities and our vibration elevates.

I feel this letting go, might be on an emotional level for some, maybe releasing how you thought you should be, freeing yourself towards what you desire to be. Perhaps releasing limiting beliefs about what you deserve, about how you want to be loved. Anything and everything can come up right now. Pay attention to what you’re feeling and don’t be afraid to just surrender with trust that the Universe will very much always have your back. Even on the days we feel like we’re falling, our ancestors, ascended masters and angels are there to support us.

May you shed as the autumn trees to find nourishment within. Much love to you,



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