Clear Reflection – August 4th 2020

Hello everyone!

How are you all feeling with this Full Moon energy? Quite intense right?

As some of you may already know, I usually post intuitive messages from the cards I draw, unless I feel that the message channeled by the deck creator is exactly what I need to share. That’s the case for today’s message. I don’t think I can put it better than Alana already did in her guidebook. The message resonates so strongly, that I will be sharing it as is. No additional intuitive message from myself.


Sometimes we believe what others tell us we are, as though the self we see reflected back ti us through their eyes is truth. Yet the accuracy of a reflection depends on the clarity of that which is doing the reflecting! If the receiver forms an opinion about what is perceived then what is reflected back to us will, at best, be distorted. It is not necessarily through ill will, it is just the mechanics of the situation. Even the moon reflects the sun in varying degrees of fullness and clarity. We can learn something from the nature of the sun from the moon, but not as much as through direct perception.

This oracle has come to you because you have ben putting rather too much faith in the reflections others have of you – to the point that you might not be honouring all that you are and all that you are becoming, because you believe yoo little of yourself.

There may be those around you that are able to reflect you more faithfully, and even help you see more of your own greatness and beauty. These are the souls blessed with inner stillness. In the clear waters of their ocean of consciousness, you can come to recognise yourself with clearer perception. However, there are those who have not tended to their own ocean, and are unable to be still enough to genuinely receive and reflect your light back to you. There is no judgement here. Each takes the path of self-healing that is available and appropriate at any given time. However, to attempt to see the magnificence of a sun in a very partial moon doesn’t make too much sense.

If you are blessed with those in your life who can show you the beauty within you, wonderful. Even so this oracle comes to you with a task you are now ready for. You are to being to develop the art of direct perception. This is the ability to recognise yourself not only in the eyes of others, but from how you feel about yourself, how you experience yourself and how you observe yourself (with compassion and kindness) from within. This is a step towards a radical empowerment that does not require perfection in order for you to recognise that you are loveable and have much to offer.

It is empowerment based on the acceptance of all that you are, working with your strengths, tending to your weaknesses and being loving, encouraging and nurturing of all that you perceive.

As you continue on this journey, you will not only see your human self, but the eternal within you. This is a breath-taking experience that opens you up to the creative energy that flows abundantly through all of life. It is an experience that takes great preparation, because we must be strong within our own self-love and acceptance to be able to hold acceptance for all of life! This oracle is nudging you into that preparation, for when you have the experience of truly beholding yourself, all judgement, fear and doubt will fall away, and you  will just know yourself to be sacred. Then you will be asked to embrace the deeper journey of sacred rebellion against judgement and fear, and into passionate creativity and unconditional trust in life.

This oracle comes with a special message for you. If you are getting confused about who you are and your motives or actions based on what others are saying or how they are responding to you, step back. In your quest to be a responsible person, you may be unintentionally taking on the feelings of others, making their reflections of you more than they are in truth. More often than not reflections are more about the state of the reflector than what is being reflected. Let those external perceptions go. Can you acknowledge yourself?Do so and be free!

Healing Process:
Say with feeling “I now break any contract I have ever made with another, consciously or subconsciously, that has given them power over me, power over my sense of self, the authority to approve or reject me or anything about me, including my voice, my body, creativity, spirituality and way of living. Of my own free will, I now choose to directly perceive my own inner beauty and turn within with kindness and compassion to see myself through the eyes of unconditional love. So be it”

I hope we all can really let this message sink in so that we may be fully immersed in who we are so we can shine from that sacred place.



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