Clear Choices – October 16th 2017

16. The Vision Quest Tarot

An energy of clarity rules over today, allowing you to discern between that which is better for you and what no longer has a place in your life. Today is the perfect time to meditate on what you truly need and want in your life (sometimes what we want and what we need aren’t exactly aligned). Alsom identifying which things, places or people make you fulfilled and connected and which don’t. This is the moment to be decisive.

Fortunately, this energy is allowing you to make the better choices for you, since there’s no compromising or giving in. You have a new sense of clarity and the confidence to make those decisions. Maybe there’s something that’s been on your mind and heart for a while but it never felt as if the time was right. Now, you’ll have it crystal clear. Any confusion or illusions that might be clouding your judgement will feel far away and open your way to resolving and overcoming some of the issues you’ve been dealing with.

Trust your own gut and intuition today, you may even receive confirmation from the Universe in those decisions that you had been pondering about. Listen intently. You have the power and courage to pull through and pave the way.


The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.

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