Carpe Diem – October 19th 2017

19. Inner Star Oracle
“My awareness of the present moment is where I find the peace and harmony to carry with me into every moment.”
Inner Star Oracle Guidebook

When you find yourself dreaming of the things you wish you had, planning for days that have not come yet, remembering all the things you did have at some point, whether it’s the future or the past you’re dwelling on, you’re not letting yourself BE in the present.

The future is not here yet, and the past is well and gone. All we ever really have is today. Here. NOW. This is your life, what’s going on around you, what you’re feeling, listening to, doing, saying, sharing. When you allow yourself to find beauty and fulfillment in each day and every little thing it brings, no matter how simple or small it was, you open yourself up to feeling more joy and acceptance than you ever thought possible. Why? it’s simple: You will notice that by focusing on the moment and what you have NOW, you’ll realize how truly blessed and supported you already are. This will turn into gratitude, and gratitude will only bring more prosperity into your life.

Appreciate TODAY and all its miracles, this Universe, this Earth… YOU are a miracle. Unique and purposefully placed where you’re at. So, allow yourself to be present and enjoy.

The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.

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