Capricorn Strawberry Full Moon – June 2018

Happy Full Moon!

Greetings from sunny California. I’m currently on a short & long overdue vacation but wanted to share my take on this Strawberry Capricorn Moon!

The first thing that comes to mind with this particular Moon is the power of Earth in ever sense. Even though a Capricorn Moon is not so known for being over emotional, a lot goes on under the surface.

This time around, you could expect somewhat conflicting emotions; perhaps you’re not used to showing too much emotion and that’s what you need at the moment. Perhaps those around you might look to you for grounding or stability. Feel & think yourself through this one. If you’re normally an emotional person, ask yourself how you can detach and set healthy boundaries so your ground can be steady. If you’re not so much on the emotional side, it’s a good time to express and show emotion, be vulnerable and open. It’s ok, you’re still safe! Channel the goat’s energy and don’t be afraid of new paths, perspectives and heights. You can do it.

To me, this energy also sheds light on what you want to build in your life, not just immediate results. Look at the bigger picture and within to really connect to the power that’s inside. The more you give your power away to fear, insecurity, anger, selfishness or any low vibration emotion, thought or action, you limit yourself and your ability to manifest your heart’s desires. You have the power within, so it’s also a time to check yourself and stop playing the blame game.

Everything in your life happens for you, not against you. Remember that you, and only you, are accountable for your life, your present moment (I know, it feels like a big pill to swallow sometimes). You have power and choices over your reactions, emotions, thoughts and interactions. Own that power and use it to evolve and grow. It’s time to unearth those emotional triggers and wounds so they may be transformed into something greater and stronger. Being those roots to the open and let the light shine on them.

We are all being called to a massive awakening. Opening our eyes to new and different ways of living. Connecting mind, body and spirit. Connecting to each other and to Earth. Connecting with ancestral wisdom and knowledge, remembering who we are and where we come from is KEY to heading towards where we need to go. Step into the fire, let whatever doesn’t serve you burn. Become the Phoenix, allow yourself to be transformed.

Morrigan’s presence in today’s draw is an powerful one. This Goddess of Battle reminds us of the importance of understanding and honoring the cycles of life. Every ending is a new beginning and every beginning has an end. Understanding and accepting this Universal Law is what keeps us grateful in every moment, it’s what allows us to be present and have less resistance.

As an Earth sign, I feel we’re all being called to re-connect with our roots on this Earth too. Re-evaluating what we need to do to work with her and not necessarily work against her. In the end, this planet; Mother Nature will prevail over mankind, somewhere along the lines we forgot that. Now is the perfect time to ground, to plant the seeds we wish future generations may reap. It’s time to be held accountable and responsible for not only our actions as individuals but as a collective.

We lost the ability to listen to Mother Nature and the Universe, their signs, their cycles, their wisdom. It’s time to see things clearly, it’s time for the light to shine through, it’s time for love to rule, to embrace synchronicities and divine gifts that help us transcend and align with our purpose.

Go forth. Be kind. Embrace the unknown. Heal and help heal.

Open yourself up to the unconditional love that resides everywhere.

Have a great Full Moon!

Moon Siren

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