Capricorn Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse – July 2020

This Capricorn Full Moon is not like many, as you probably know or already heard, this night brings the last eclipse of the season; a penumbral lunar eclipse and the last in the Cancer-Capricorn Axis that has had us working on work/home related themes since 2018.

Depending on where you live, the eclipse will be on July 4th or 5th. Being Full Moon energy + Eclipse, this is a time of completion, cycles coming to a close, endings. It’s a complete cycle that is coming to a close, not just for the collective but on individual level as well. It’s the threshold through which the new will emerge. It brings about as many beginnings as it does endings. This means to me, that some purging, shadow work and releasing will still take place, not necessarily on this day (energy doensn’t work on specific dates) but around this time. Our shadows have been illuminated so many times and in such deep ways in the past months, for us to REALLY open our eyes to those wounds, patterns, beliefs and traumas that hold us back from being our most authentic selves.

This season has brought up so much of the collective shadow as well, but in this, also shown us how we are individualy responsible and accountable for it. There is so much left to heal, so much to make ammends for, so much to learn from. However, a collective change always starts within the individual. I personally believe this is why so much heavy purging has taken place in the last 3 years. I know, it’s been a while! But it has made us more resilient, brighter and more courageous.

We have to remember there’s still a bit of influence of the Sun and Mercury Retrograde in Cancer. This means a lot of emotional work is taking place, and we’re being polished and our emotional intelligence is being strengthened and illuminated. 

Vesta, the Goddess asteroid is close to the Sun at this point and this signifies that some may be seeing fruition as well as completion on some things that has been worked on for a while. Mars in Aries energy is also very present at the time. This brings a need for action or a sense of urgency. I do feel like with the combination of Sun in Cancer + Mercury Retrograde + Eclipse energy + Mars in Aries we have to be extremely mindful of how we react to the circumstances we deal with on a day to day.

Conflict could be on the horizon, so how we handle ourselves when triggered by something is highly important now. Aggresive communication can be easily tapped into, so it’s always good to check ourselves before we lash out, project or judge others in harsh ways. Patience, patience and breathe. Since some may be feeling a little more emotional than usual, try to look past what other people are saying and try your best to not take things personal. Be aware of what’s yours and what isn’t. Don’t load up on things that aren’t yours.

However, there is no dark without light. And the light that Mars in Aries brings is that it just might be the spark that ignites something within us to start something, complete tasks or just dream up an empire. We can use this fire to our benefit, use the discernment and focus it brings with it. Remember, this discernment comes in a balanced state, not in reaction mode. Being reckless with yourself or others could leave wreckage to pick up later, the fallout could be more than expected or desired.

There is no better time than to bring even more awarenss than usual to any emotional triggers that pop up for us. This is a time to let ourselves FEEL our emotions, without getting stuck in them. You are not your emotions, you are not your thoughts. Become an observer and consciously work through them.

Eclipses are also a time to unwind a little so we can hear our inner voice more clearly. Any boundaries you need to set, whether emotional, mental or physical, set them as needed. The past few weeks have had high peaks and low slumps of energy which can make us feel a little unstable, this is why we need to use Capricorn’s grounding energy to bring about those emotional resolutions to the physical plane, so we can apply them in real and practical ways.

Ask yourself in what area of your life you’ve needed taking care of. Have you been able to take care of it for yourself or have you needed others to do it for you? Can you emotionally nurture yourself without looking for external validation or affirmation? This is the time were we can hold ourselves accountable for our emotions and thoughts.

Uncertainty and change can make anyone nervous, yes, especially in times like these. But the more we resist what needs to change in order to improve, the more we stress and strain ourselves. A new phase begins, you are always changing, that’s a fact. Take some time to gather your thoughts and do some journaling if you can, let yourself truly see all the changes you’ve made in the last year, 5 years, 10 years or however long you want. Sometimes when we are too present, we forget how we got here and everything we’ve had to go through to get to this point. Acknowledge it. You are not the same, You have grown.

I read this somewhere today and it felt absolutely perfect: “Sometimes in order for an arrow to go forward, we must pull it back” and man! that captures what I’ve been feeling lately. So, it may feel like everything is not going as fast as we’d like, or that we’re even regressing, but no. It’s always forward movement even if there’s the illusion of going backwards. It’s time to reclaim our sovereignity and step away from victimization. We are more powerful than we believe. We must OWN our power.



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