Cancer New Moon – July 2020

Today, the second New Moon in Cancer will take place. The previous one was the Cancer New Moon + Eclipse in June and while this one may not have the intense energy that an eclipse brings, the theme that has been present carries on to this one even though some other transits and placements have changed since then and influence in a different way now.

There’s definitely a lot of focus on Cancer energy and what it affects in our charts. with the Sun, Moon and Mercury Retrograde all visiting  this sign means that we very much needed to place our focus on some particular things within to break on through to the other side. Theres been A LOT coming up in the areas that this sign rules over; the emotional body, the home, family matters, our childhood, ancestral patterns and our overall sense of security and comfort.

We’ve been reviewing and rediscovering our foundation, our roots, we’ve been opening up our hearts and letting emotions through, at times not voluntarily, but still it’s happened. We’ve been asked to honor our emotions, to sit instead of run from them. We’ve faced unresolved pain from our childhood or themes that have to do with our wounded inner child. Our sense of security and comfort may have been rocked quite a bit too. So many things that have pushed us to well outside of our comfort zone.

Another thing I felt strongly was that we’re being asked to align. Align with our roots and with our hearts so we can allow ourselves to flow a little more, to surrender control and notice the ebb and flow of natural cycles and to feel like we’re a part of those cycles, because we are. There was a lot of pressure, I feel, to try to surrender the need to control and to fix, and just allow things to be and to unfold. To trust.

At times, this energy has been a little much, for sure. It’s emotional and when we’re faced with difficult circumstances, it can be felt so intensely that it’s gut wrenching. I’m not surprised if some or many of you had had breakdowns or mini meltdowns… I know I have and I’m still pushing through some of them. You’re not alone.

Dealing with how we create home for us, finding out what “home” really means to us, how we contribute to it, recognizing if we feel at home within ourselves or not is something that’s been coming up for a lot of people too. I’ve had different conversations with several people on how they’re doing and it’s clear and undeniable: It’s taken it’s toll on many levels. I guess I could say that the universe in a way is teaching us how to self soothe while recognizing that we do still have a support system, even when we think we don’t, even when we feel alone, unseen or misunderstood.

It’s been quite the time for most of us, and while as I mentioned, it won’t be as intense as the last Cancer New Moon, there are other energies strongly influencing this one that give it a twist and makes a little less intense and more challenging with Saturn’s influence in the mix.

What this energy brings can feel a little limiting, restrictive or constricting. It may feel like resistance, we may face some more obstacles or limits that we have to still push through, ideas, expectations, behaviors or patterns that need to be broken down before we take a leap of faith. The message is “If you know what you really want, effort, work and sacrifice will be rewarded”. We may be feeling like we want to ramp up and get things moving but we’re not being able to go at the speed we wish we could. There’s only so much we can control on the outside and I feel strongly that this is why we are having to find comfort and security within ourselves. To have it support and comfort us when we may be feeling unseen, unrecognized, unworthy or invisible.

The reflective period is still not done. We still need clarity on what these endings brought upon with the eclipse mean and what they are, how we want to handle them, how they came to be. It’s a second chance so that we’re crystal clear on what we want to start off Leo season when it begins, because it will definitely come with sparks.

Self-care is of upmost importance right now, as it has been during this season. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness is key to root down and sustain hard moments. Listen to your body, let it speak to you and listen to what it says. Listen to what your emotions are trying to tell you. Take breaks when you need to, if you feel tired or drained, get that rest and recharge. Make sure you don’t neglect your own care. You body is your home.

As always, remember to be mindful and compassionate to others as this emotional upheaval can have us feeling agitated, frustrated or reactive and we may forget that other people are having to deal with their own stuff too.

This is a time when both hard endings and beautiful beginnings are taking place at the same time. But we have to push through our own limits, our own limiting beliefs, our hurtful or toxic patterns. Taking accountability from them and growing from them so we may rise like the Phoenix with the energies coming in in the next couple of weeks.

If we look at everything we have to handle and manage, it might overwhelm us and just bring us down because it will feel daunting. This is why we need to take it one step at a time, avoid focusing on things you have no control over and shift that focus on doing the things you CAN do. Even if it’s as simple as getting up, taking a shower or writing down a to-do list and going through it point by point. Focus on what’s at hand, the now. Be present and just take one step after another, it’s not a race. And cut yourself some slack too, don’t be too hard on yourself, you’ve gotten this far and you’ve grown so much!

Words hold a lot of power, so let’s take the energy of this New Moon and plant the seeds within the darkness with these Cancer inspired affirmations. Say them out loud, in your mind, while lighting a candle, whichever you choose as long as you say them and in that moment believe them. So it is.

Cancer New Moon affirmation:

I open my eyes and heart to the lessons my emotions bring;
I honor and hold space for them as they pass through me.
May I have the strength to recognize traumas and wounds that need to be healed.
I am not afraid to sit in my own shadows and integrate them to be transformed.
I allow myself to feel while still knowing I am safe and loved.
I trust and believe that I am home within myself and must nurture and tend this home. 
I am open to letting go of what no longer serves my inner world.
I welcome new beginnings and energies and experiences.
May have clarity to be aware of the cycles that are ending in my life. 
I am able to lovingly let go of any feeling of unworthiness.
I am worthy.
I am seen.
I am safe.
I am loved.
I am home.
I am.


I wanted to create a special card spread for you guys this month and I hope it brings answers to illuminate your path on this New Moon!


I will also be doing this little ritual for myself and am leaving it here for those who wish to do so too:

  • Take a bath or a nice soothing shower; exfoliate or use bath salts and envision all of what you wish to shed being washed away with the water and leaving you like a blank canvas. Some herbs you may use for this are rosemary, chamomile or rose. As for essential oils that work well for Cancer energy are lavender, rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang.
  • Light a candle. Sit or lay down for at least five minutes to just focus on your breathing, feeling your body relax, letting go of tension and recurring thoughts. Once you feel you energy centered write down what has come up for you during this season and observe your growth, name it. Once you’ve become clear on what is possibly ending or transforming at this time, connect with your heart center and write down your intentions for this new cycle.
  • You can keep this paper or you can burn it with your candle. After that, you can also say the affirmations I previously shared.
  • Make yourself feel comfortable and at home. Wear something you feel good in, burn some incense or herbal bundles, have a nice, nourishing meal with yourself without distractions. Eat your meal mindfully. Create a space that makes you feel safe and comfortable.
  • Give thanks and let gratitude sink in.


I hope all of you have a wonderful and transformative New Moon.



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