Cancer Eclipse/New Moon – July 2019

Hello all!

It feels like lifetime ago that I was here posting daily. And oh, how I’ve missed it. Even though life may pull me away for a bit at times, I will never truly stop doing this, for it is what sparks my soul on fire.

Speaking of sparking up souls, how is everyone feeling with today’s Eclipse? New Moon vibes amped up right?

I felt called to draw some cards for a shared message for this particular energy. This Eclipse/New Moon happening in Cancer is bringing in some very strong individual and collective shifts. Massive shifts that may appear undetectable to a point, but that are profound. These changes that are being materialized and brought forth are most likely going to be permanent.

One thing has been quite clear for me in my life, and this collective message confirms it. We are ALL being asked to connect with those things that really set our heart and soul on fire! Our essence, our authentic self. Comfortable or well known structures may be crumbling as a way for us to really let ourselves see and identify what that spark is and what it looks like. We are being guided to connect with our true selves so we may harness our true power and apply it daily.

What makes your heart race? What makes you feel revitalized and refreshed? Are there circumstances that take you to a place of fullness? Integrate a little in your daily life.

Take care of yourself; rest, recharge, review, keep that energy level balanced, so you may be there for others in their process, without being drained or burnt out.

We are also being reminded, very strongly and quite necessary, of the power we have not only as individuals but as one single unit. Find your soul family, let them in. Being there for others can be just as nurturing and fulfilling as being there for one’s self. All of our paths are intertwined, we need each other. We are birthing a new era (even though some days it’s still hard to see) where that unity will be more present. Uplifting, rising and healing together.

We have so so many other guides aiding and supporting this transition on Gaia, not just on this plane but from many others. We are not alone, we have an entire army of light sending us love, light codes, messages, dreams and so much more. Keep your soul and heart open to their guidance, you will definitely feel it. Orion, Andromeda, Arcturus, Lemuria, Pleiades, Angels, Ascended Masters and so many more beings are present now.

We are channeling so much information, energy and light right now, we are being activated at a cellular level, DNA and all. Think of it like this, if you need a lot of electricity to power a village, it’s very unlikely that you will harness it in one single house. The power surge would be too high and it would definitely cause it to collapse.

BUT, if you take that same amount and distribute it, you have an entire village sparkling with electricity. That is us. We are receiving so much light and plasma, to be anchored on this Earth. We are part of something greater than ourselves. We are grounding and planting energy down on Gaia.

The Divine Feminine and Masculine have transformed. The Divine Feminine has risen, the Divine Masculine is rising.

We are being transformed. Times are changing rapidly and we too, are changing. The changes that are coming are pushing us closer to our authentic selves, observe where there is more resistance, for that is what still needs to be worked on.

I hope you have a wonderful New Moon and that this new era brings that which is for your highest good.

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