Bring Out the Warrior – July 29th 2020

What a strong and beautiful energy we had come up on today’s draw!

The Queen of Swords is a might powerful energy to connect with. It’s witty, honest and sharp.

Your focus might be quite clear today and this will most definitely help with any decisions or strategies to be made and planned out. You’re not afraid to call bullsh*t on what you see. Your judgement can pierce through any veils of deception or illusion, making it easier to see the path ahead and what you currently have.

For some of you this may also mean that others can look up to you to lead and guide them through. Others may be seeking you for advice or new ideas because they trust your opinion.

A word of advice with this energy too! Since this energy can have a quick tongue and clear cut judgement, be aware of being too harsh or cutthroat, either with yourself and others. Snap decisions are not necessarily on the horizon but it’s still possible to make a snap judgement and follow through with action. So use this clarity and discernment to find the best way to handle what comes up for you today.

Strength and determination can be summoned from this energy today. If you have some pending tasks or even if you just have a long list of things to get done, it might feel easier today, than a lot of other days past, to get them done even if there are setbacks or, delays or challenges. Possibly even quicker than you thought!

This card is the perfect little nudge of energy for the middle of the week.

Bring that warrior out to play and watch as you embody it and take charge!

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