Bright Souls – September 4th 2020

Every day we have choices to make, about ourselves, our goals, our actions, our beliefs. Life is a constant thread of intricately woven choices that create the most divine tapestry of events. This is one of the greatest reminders we constantly get.

Another reminder we are given today is that of community, sisterhood, brotherhood, oneness.

We are used to separation, segregation, difference, competition, comparison and the way all of those things make us feel. However, every day we have a choice to be different, act different and change our belief system and  habits. This shifts our perception of the world and our personal perspectives greatly.

What if instead of comparing ourselves with others, we celebrate what makes them unique as well as what makes US unique. Why do we have to make it about doing or being better off. Today is a good day to reflect on this and how our daily choices and mental state can affect beyond what we see. It’s time to focus on creating comunity instead of competition. We all have unique gifts and traits, opinions and perspectives that are our very own and every single individual on this Earth is important, valuable and has a part to play.

Recognizing the light and uniqueness is others is something that also helps us as individuals, it teaches us that we are all going through something, we’re all learning something, feeling something, all have dreams, fears and insecurities. Yes, we are different but there are also things that allow us to come together if we chose it.

Recognizing we are one, a part of it all while embodying our own divinity and accepting our unique traits is quite a sense of freedom.



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