Break Time – September 15th 2020

Hello everyone!

I seem to have disappeared for a few days but if there’s something I’ve learned is we have to take time off and get some alone time when the need arises.

I’m sure everyone has had to go through their own experiences and obstacles in the past week and I myself am not exempt from the collective energy. But I am here. Showing up as best I can.

Today’s card, ironically enough, speaks about this pause. It’s a reminder for us all to take a breather today and take a break from the race we sometimes join in.

If you’re body is asking for a little more rest today, take it. Even if it’s just 5 minute breaks in between work, or a nap, or a bath. Whatever allows you to unwind and slow down.

Taking a break doesn’t mean you’re failing, falling behind or delaying. It just means that you are aware of your own cycles and can replenish energy. A car doesn’t run on an empty tank and neither do we.

Full up your own well today. You can be your own productive self while still taking time to nurture your energy and body.


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