Bigger Picture – July 28th,2020

Hello lovely manifesters!

Just dropping in to leave the message of the day!

I feel like this Perspective card is well aligned with yesterday’s magician card. Why? Because in order to manifest and materialize our dreams on this plane, we kinda have to know what that is, right?

Well, I feel this is where this message comes in. We can get so used to an idea, a project, a relationship, whatever circumstance that we can sometimes have difficulty with seeing things from a different point of view. We can become rigid and suck the fun right out of the journey.

Keeping our sight open and flexible allows to take into account different possibilities, ways of doing things, outcomes or strategies. When we loosen the grip of control and surrender a bit more to infinite possibilities, we allow things to come to us, we allow things to happen.

Of course, action from our end is needed too! But having a bigger picture in mind instead of tunnel vision gives us the opportunity to expand and maybe even do things in a way we never thought we would before!

Step back a bit today. Observe where you are at, see if there’s something, an area or circumstance, where you could benefit from looking at the bigger picture before getting hung up on the details.

What’s your destination? There’s more than one way to get there, for sure.

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