Be The Magic – September 5th 2017

“I embody my magick, I embody my womb, I embody the power of this Full Moon”

– Spirit de la Lune Guidebook

Today’s draw couldn’t be more in line with this Pisces Full Moon. Talk about synchronicity at its best!

The energy around us today encourages us to fulfill our most heartfelt desires. If there are some that have already been achieved, then enjoy this moment, savour it and be grateful. Especially today with Full Moon energy, ask yourself what you need to still let go of in order to make these desires come true.

Be aware that you don’t overwork yourself in trying to do all at once. Prioritize, compartmentalize, organize. Take it step by step and give yourself a chance to take a break. You can’t progress if you’re exhausted. Taking some time off for you is also a part of that balance.

Remember you have shadow and mystery within you too. Accept yourself and you are… divine, powerful and complete.

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