Battle of the Self

We are living in very uncertain times, full of uncomfort, challenges, constant change and what feels like a landslide of circumstances that toss us in a whirlwind of emotional processes. I had taken time off to rebalance and recharge but with everything that’s taken place in the past 2 years both in my personal life and in the world, that search did not yield the expected results. I kept wanting to feel what I had felt when starting the blog, I wanted to feel as inspired as I was then, I wanted to have timing and so many other things be perfect to continue. That moment never came. However, I did become aware that the lesson is to keep evolving. To push through our present, to keep in mind that we’re always protected, guided, being led by our ancestors and light beings.

The card I drew today was meant for us all as a collective. Advice and guidance for the moment we are in, as humanity. It resonates loudly within myself and I hope it does for you as well.

Paths are forged by our perception, experience, belief and choices. Even though the external world is ever-changing and can become something to fear, we must try to maintain inner balance between the light and the dark in the present moment. No matter how difficult a challenge or a moment may seem, there is always hope and protection available to us. We may all be having very conflicting emotions or thoughts between the current state of the world and what that sparks in us and our own personal spiritual journey. Our worldly self vs our spiritual self. A battle between what we know and what we hope. Even when we’re buried in earthly states of being, we continue to be spiritual beings, that is our nature whether we choose to listen to it or not.

Now is the time to find fulfillment regardless of our external factors, no matter how big or how small. When we create a safe space, a home within ourselves, we strengthen ourselves to face the outer world. This card is a reminder to not forget or overlook what brings us joy, what inspires us, what moves us from within. Not matter how big or small, we can always find those things in our daily life and they will be the beacon of light through darkness and uncertainty but, in order to do this, we must embrace uncertainty, let go of how things “should” be and most important… we need to choose to TRUST. Trust that we are protected, trust that we are where we are meant to be, trust that everything has a purpose (even when we don’t understand it).

There is a lot surfacing now and will continue to do so. There may be a point in which we will no longer know who to trust, what truth to believe. This is why it is of major importance that we always listen to the voice within, to our truth, to our self without the outside noise interfering all the time. Continuing to be your truest self will always be the raft that shall carry you safely to your next destination.

This is my favorite excerpt from the Earth Warrior’s booklet:

“No matter how compelling an experience of challenge, darkness or defeat may seem, you have divine protection and the promise of safe passage to the dawn. You will see and hear truth of the light. You shall not be alone on this journey. Soul guides now help you find your true North. If you have been proceeding along a dangerous path, even unknowingly, Pueo will navigate you safely away from evil and ill-wishing, guiding you back to your higher purpose and sacred path”

As always, for those of you who can still read this and have been around since the beginning of this journey of mine: Thank you. I appreciate and embrace you.

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