Balance it Out – July 21st 2018

Today’s card asks to maintain balance and harmony. You may be pleasantly surprised by how things are coming together at the time, finding solutions and rolling with them.

This energy also carries a warning to avoid excess, whichever it is, tipping the scale to any side is not how balance is achieved. Be very mindful of the energy you put out today. Remember that your energy affects those around you and your environment, so be the energy you want! This is good to do today and always.

Perhaps today you are presented with a choice to do things differently, don’t be afraid to take action. Today’s waxing moon allows you to trust that the decisions you make, will lead you to where you are needed. Trust in yourself, in your decisions, in your path, in your own discernment.

You are supported by the Universe and an entire army of light. Believe that you yourself are a part of this army, so let that light be today’s beacon.

Moon Siren

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