August Leo New Moon – Rituals

How is everyone feeling after the Solar Eclipse?

And now to prepare for the Leo New Moon! Here are some guides on what to do on this night in order to harness the energies around, in the best way possible.

As with any New Moon, intentions are KEY, we must have clarity on the seeds we want to plant in order to harvest in our lives. It’s a moment to let dreams fly off and do the groundwork so they will manifest. For this particular New Moon, I feel we’re being asked to think collectively too, instead of just thinking of ourselves and our lives. Like I mentioned on last night’s post; If we raise our own vibration and help others raise theirs, the vibration will collectively rise. We DO have the power to change our world, but it starts by changing and improving ourselves.

For this particular phase, you can try any or all of these. If you do, I’d love to see or hear about them!

To prepare your physical and energetic body for your ceremony or ritual, you can go with one of these:

  • Take a bath or shower with sea salt – This always has a recharging effect, not just cleansing.
  • Use a selenite or crystal quartz and pass it along your entire body, from the head down to the toes. Envision yourself covered in white light.
  • If you have rose water – you can spray some on your body as you visualize it cleansing your aura and energetic body.
  • Smudge yourself with Sage or Palo Santo – make sure the smoke covers your entire body at some point.
  • Holy Water spray – Spray this all over your body as you ask for your Angels’ aid to help you clear stuff out.

While you are cleansing yourself with any of the above, you can say: “I allow this (bath/rose water/quartz/smoke/Holy Water) to clear any and all energies that do not serve me and those which aren’t mine. And so, it is done”.

Cleansing Your Sacred Space
After you’ve cleaned your energetic and physical body, it’s time to cleanse and revitalize your Sacred Space. Fortunately, a lot of the techniques used for the personal cleanse, can also be used for spaces (mind the sea salt!).

  • Smudge with Palo Santo or Sage – After you’ve smudged, open up a window so that smoke leaves the room and the room can breathe a little.
  • Meditation cleanse – You can do a visualization meditation in order to cleanse your altar or Sacred Space.
  • Sea salt spray – Spray some on or around the space to be cleared but be careful, some of your tools or sacred objects may have a negative reaction to salt.
  • Holy Water – Spray and pray.

As you are doing this, you can say: “Cleanse this space of negative energy, thoughts and intentions. Let this space invite warmth, light and guidance into my life. This is a safe place for me and for that, I am thankful.”

Intention Setting
Leo is fire, so for this particular New Moon, I will be doing my intention work with a little added spark. If you are still unsure of what you want to ask for, I would suggest to meditate on it or maybe ask for spirit guides to help you find the answers. These are some suggestions for tonight:

  •  Light a candle, under that glim of fire, write down your intentions on a piece of paper. Let that fire be your witness. When you have finished writing them down. Blow the candle out and imagine that smoke reaching the Universe and taking your intentions with it.
  • If you have a journal, write your intentions down on it, with date, star sign and how you’re feeling. The more you write, the more you will have later on to come and check back on.
  • Another way I’ve been close to my intentions is to write them down on a small piece of paper and fold it. Put it underneath the mattress or pillow cover, so it will be under my head when I sleep.
  • A fun way to set intentions on this New Moon is to make a Vision Board. Imagine yourself doing all of these things, going to these places, achieving all of those goals. Really FEEL what it would feel like if it already came true, and place it somewhere where you’ll see it every day.
  • If you’re feeling the green thumb, you can get creative and write your intentions on seeds you’d like to plant (literally), and plant them in the ground. This is an out of the box practice but very grounding too.

I would strongly suggest that aside from your personal, individual intentions, this time, you also write down a list of collective intentions. What does this world need? What do you think could serve humanity right now? How will you be an example for your environment? How can we all raise our vibrations? That sort of mind set.

Let us let go of our egos a bit and focus on the greater good too.

Additional Practices

If you have Tarot or Oracle decks, now is the time to bring them out and seek answers for what you wish to manifest, perhaps clarity on your intentions or just some good old advice from them. You can check Ethony’s, Alice’s or Escaping Stars’ for the New Moon Spreads or go to Ace of Stars’, Joanna Grant’s or Kitty’s for a Solar Eclipse Spread.

If you have crystals, you can work with them before or after you set your intentions. Stones or crystals that serve the Leo energy are: Rose Quartz, Black Onyx, Carnelian or Tiger’s Eye.  Use Rose Quartz to heal the heart and forgive, Carnelian to enhance your confidence, Onyx to ignite passion and power and Tiger’s Eye to manifest dreams and unblock creative abilities.

When finishing your ceremony, you can go ahead and close by saying this:

“I am open to receive that which is part of my path and destiny.
I welcome beginnings, changes and new adventures into my life.
I allow myself to be successful and happy.
I am powerful, passionate and prosperous.
I am not just an individual, but a part of a greater network that is affected by me.
I honor the world first by honoring myself.
I am the change that will affect this Earth and it’s creatures.
I allow my inner light to shine bright and I honor and am proud of who I really am.
I am courageous, bold and vanquish fears.
Leo’s Fire burns within me and will illuminate the world.”


Last word of advice: Leo is playful and passionate, so do something that makes you feel like a kid again, that feeling of just being happy in the moment, no matter how silly or simple it is.

Have a great New Moon everyone!


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