August 31st to September 6th

The card that influences this week is The Hanged Man.

This week leaves us hanging (pun intended) and this is because there are still some things we need to review about our plans, our actions and reactions. There are still answers within, that need to be brought out to the surface and made aware of so they may be integrated into the plan.

Given that this week we are already feeling the pre-shadow for Mars retrograde, things will definitely be slowing down for the next couple of months (Mars goes direct until November 13th).

This is not a time to go full force into the world and develop our plans, but rather, to slow down a bit and reassess if we need to tweak a few things before we can move forward. We may have the impulse, the desire and the drive to go full steam ahead, but our efforts may come short. Now, this may happen because we feel we fall short, because external factors hold us back or setup some delays.

This may also be a time when we’re becoming very aware of how we act/react when things don’t go our way. Do we accept and adjust? Do we throw a fit and shut down? Are we using our personal power to create or destroy? Are we using our skills to feed our drive or to tear others down and compare? Are we doing things for ourselves or are we doing them to compete and feel better than others?

This energetic influence can also be used to observe if you’re been feeling stuck or stagnant in any area. If you notice the answer is yes to one or more areas of your life, try to find the answers as to why that is and what led you to a halt. Is there fear of moving forward? Is there a shift in perspective needed to get out of this rut? What could you do to get things moving, even if slowly, in the right direction?

All of these things may become more evident during this time but the answers that come up from dealing directly with these issues are what’s going to give us key answers we can use later on.

May you find answers that serve you well this week. With all of my love,



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