August 2020 – Monthly Reading

August has rolled in with magical and potent energies! I personally am excited to see what this month brings for us all, especially after the last 3 months we’ve had in regards to the available energies and processes. This month’s number frequency is 8 and this is most certainly a breath of fresh air.

I come bearing messages for the upcoming weeks this month and I hope it resonates. As I mention every month, you can take this reading as overall predominant energies for the month, or you can take them as four individual weeks and their energies. However it resonates, take it with you and what doesn’t, leave it behind.

The cards that came up for this month were 4 of Air (Swords), The Lovers, The Sun, Temperance. We’ve got 3 major arcana cards present so I feel there’s significant changes being brought upon our lives this month.

The Four of Air lets us know that before we can charge ahead with full force and forge our paths like valiant warriors, we may need to slow down just for a smidge. Contemplation is what allows us to see clearly, not from judgement or expectations but just as it is. What is real and undeniable. The universe has asked us a lot, to center ourselves, to remain tempered and balanced as much as we can. It has reminded us to take care of ourselves and to honor our process. With this energy, it’s best to take a pause before making big decisions. Especially because all 3 following cards are the major arcanas.

We will need our strength and energy for what’s up ahead, not because it’s “bad” but because it will require us being full and whole. It’s time to regenerate, rest as much as you can and especially because we start the month graced by the Aquarius Full Moon. Good rest is key for a sharp mind. Even more so, if you’ve gone through difficulties or challenged in the past month or months. We’re still in repair but gaining momentum. This repair will be super necessary so we don’t burn out quickly when the fire gets going. Also, there is a LOT of energy coming in from now until the Lionsgate Portal on 8/8 and being rested and centered is the best way to integrate all the light coming from this event.

The energy I got from The Lovers card was that at this time we may be coming into ourselves, the connection with who we are and who we want to be, the things we value and desire may be clearer than ever. It becomes a bit easier to recognize ourselves in our full capacity so we can dream up anything we want to.

Of course for some of you this card may indicate significant changes in a relationship or love interest, but for the most part, I felt like this energy really spoke of falling in love with one’s self and embodying that love with every decision and plan from this point on. We’re really seeing things clearly at this point and what you want can not only be seen but felt in a roaring fire kind of way. We are finding our true north and are less and less afraid to let go or purge of what no longer serves us, or has been holding us back,

August really makes me feel larger than life energy. Not only numerologically, but the astrological alignments AND this next card. BIG. BOLD. BRIGHT… The Sun.

Most tarot readers would say that this card really has such a powerful and high vibrational energy. It surrounds us, revitalizing us from our very core. It’s radiant and expansive. This is by far one of my favorite energies in the tarot because even if there are obstacles, delays, challenges or difficulties, The Sun always comes up.

I got a really strong sense of our very cores being activated and awake. That inner fire can be so awakened and channeled this month! Let that fire start your engines so you can go farther than you ever imagined. It’s lighting up our desires, our drive, our determination and our go-getter attitudes.

Learning how to harness that power is very beneficial, so we don’t end up burning ourselves or others. We’re becoming showpeople that play with fire. Maybe at first, we might get a little burned but with practice, we’ll give the best performance ever. And we’re still in Leo season so, stepping outside the “norm” is not uncommon at all. And above all, we’ll be feeling the full power of our hearts as it leads us to letting our own light shine and letting ourselves be truly seen. We’re letting our desires be seen and heard.

Even though Leo season doesn’t last until the end of August, Leo energy is PRESENT. I could not help but be absolutely blown away at how everything lines up perfectly. And that was brought upon by drawing the Strength card, which “coincidentally” is the number 8 card of the major arcana, same as the numerology energy for this month.

We might be feeling stronger than we have felt in the last months, more compassionate and confident. This will serve us well for the plans we have to put into action. We know and have seen what we’re capable of, what we can accomplish, what we can create and manifest. We are confident in what makes us strong and are willing to be compassionate with ourselves in any areas we still need to work on. We’re here to see things through.

Keep shining and light up the world!



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