August 2018 – Monthly Reading

Hello Manifesters!

It’s a new month and we are ready for what’s coming (And so MUCH is coming in!). I wanted to do monthly general energy readings to gain some insight as to what energies might be available to work with during specific months. So, here is my take on the month of August using The Mermaid Tarot by LoScarabeo. An exciting and eventful month is at hand!

Week of August 6th – 12th

This is a wonderful week to feel empowered and reignite that drive within. The energies surrounding this week allow you to cut through the veil of confusion and misdirection so you can move forward, towards your goals and dreams. Keen sight and discernment are at a high this week. It’s a time to be objective and honest about where you want to go, who you want to be, and how you want to go about things. You’ll be able to take a “no BS” approach with circumstances, others and yourself while being mindful and seeking greater good.


Week of August 13th – 19th


This week’s energy is about flipping perspectives and circumstances. Review what you are accountable for in the decisions that you’re making, the directions that you’re heading to. Observe if all of these desires you are trying to manifest and the direction you are heading truly come from your heart or if they follow imposed or planted expectations (from you or others). Allow time for honest reflection, so you can align with your essence before taking action or being misdirected. Look at the bigger picture and embrace what you see. Embrace what the Universe is giving you in unexpected forms. Let go.


Week of August 20th – 26th

Rewards may be visible this week. For some, it may be tangible opportunities and for others it may be that you are feeling proud of all of the accomplishments and growth in your path. Maybe you’re just happy that you’ve been able to break free from limiting circumstances, beliefs, habits or emotions. That’s wonderful! this is a great week to rejoice, feel good about how far you’ve come along, get excited for what’s to come, share that joy with others! Keep that vibration high as this will continue to attract more high vibe manifestations into your life! Have fun and let off some steam.


Week of August 27th – September 2nd

Now that you’ve managed to find even more clarity, fed your drive, let go of limitations, cleared doubts, and embraced life… your direction is crystal clear! The energy surrounding this one is even more empowering than the 1st week of August because now you’ll be able to really feel that fine tuning you’ve been doing for the past weeks. You have the strength to face whatever is coming, the determination to work through things and the inspiration to co-create those new beginnings that are on the horizon. Trident in hand, you’re ready to charge on, with a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart.


I hope you all have a wonderful month! Stay safe & magical.


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