Artistry – Weekly Self-Care Message

Happy Sunday to all!

I’m bringing the message of the day/week from the Self-care Oracle today and this one I’m so excited about.

Whenever we hear the word “art” it usually takes us to painting or drawing, in my case that’s where my mind goes. Even though I know that art is something much more profound and complex. Art can be any expression of the self through something that delights any sense; food can be art, painting is art, dancing is art, music is art, and so so so many more things are art to me.

This week were being called to express ourselves and channel energy through some form of art, it doesnt matter what this means for you, it can mean anything  to you personally. It could be doodling in a notebook, crafting a cake masterpiece, singing, writing, anything that allows you to communicate or express something. It’s like taking ideas and notions from the ether and materializing them on this plane.

I personally used to LOVE making figurines with molding clay and it’s something I would definitely like to go back to. Don’t be afraid to try something new; a new form, new technique, new ideas that make you break routine and bring in a little joy and fun.

Whatever you make or create, it will be your own little masterpiece.


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