Aries New Moon – March 2020

A new cycle begins. In the midst of chaos, the light still finds us and Ostara and this Aries New Moon remind us of the importance of BELIEVING in a new world, no matter how dark it may seem at the moment.

We’re officially in Aries season, which marks the start of the new astrological year. A new cycle beings. As usual, I’ll be touching down on the energies surrounding the transits and lunar phase without going into detail on each one, but rather the result of all of them combined.

As most of you know, new moons mark the beginning of a 6-month cycle, and right now we are in a very important point in human history. I completely understand that it feels strange to even be talking about manifestation or new beginnings now with everything that’s going on. But it’s my own personal belief, that life doesn’t stop, energy doesn’t stop, even in the face of uncertainty. So, let’s make the best of what we have.

There’s some big plays going right now above us, we’ve got Saturn entering Aquarius, we just passed the equinox point, this new moon energy and the fact that Chiron and Lilith are very active at this time is all very intense (while Pluto keeps working in the background). This means a whole range of emotions are hitting us hard, close and deep.

We are being initiated on a collective scale, but this initiation energy, you can also use for your own life. This is a wonderful energy to break through what may have been dormant in your life or within you, ike the fire that melts winter snow. We are being woken up from what feels like a strange, surreal dream right now. Not knowing if our present is the illusion or if the life we had before was the actual illusion. However it may be, there’s a lot going on outside and so much change and restructuring can definitely cause anxiety or even trigger our survival mode or our fight or flight response. With this incoming energy, we have a chance to harness it and use it for self-control, to be self-aware and to break through our own barriers.

Since we are going about with our hearts on our sleeve, we are waking up to each other, to new ways of living that we thought impossible or improbable, we are waking up to our own creating potential, to the power of our mere existance, we are rediscovering WHO we REALLY are. Our inner warriors are being awakened and invoked through our collective wounds and fears. Will we step up and hold space for others as well as for ourselves? Will we know how to recognize our power in this new beginning?

Aries energy is passionate, courageous, assertive and bold. I see absolutely no harm in wanting to channel these traits into our lives, especially now. It’s ok to be afraid, it’s ok to be anxious or insecure about what may come next, it’s perfectly natural, but we can also use these bursts of energy around us to help us navigate it a bit better. They’re a reminder that can have what it takes to get through this.

Another lesson I find in this particular lunar phase and the Aries energy is Autonomy. Big reminder there, as we have come to rely on so much outside of our “control”, this is a strong reminder that we have somewhat forgotten what autonomy means and what it feels like. And yes, the more autonomous we are, the more resistance we will feel from the old systems, maybe even seen as the “rebels” because we will no longer follow the status quo just because we’re told to.

We are in a birthing process, it may be uncomfortable and somewhat painful but there is a lot of power in discovering what is truly important to each and every single one of us.

I usually can go on and on about the energies and as you know I usually prepare a spread for additional guidance, I may do that in the coming days but for now, this is all I’ve got. We’re all transiting this moment in different ways and at different speeds. I just hope these few words resonate and help you find some sort of balance and hope.

Be kind to yourself, stay connected to those who mean the world to you and breathe.




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