Aries Full Moon – September 2018

Hello everyone!

As of lately, I haven’t been able to post forecasts or energies on days prior to the event (almost posting last-minute), BUT that is slowly shifting back to normal. I have a few things up my witchy sleeve for the coming weeks!

Any who! on to even more exciting details. How has this week been treating you? I’m feeling such fire sparking up inside (both the constructive and destructive kind!), massive shifts and some unexpected curve balls.

This Harvest Full Moon and the present astrological transits make this a bit of a challenging and volatile time. However, don’t panic. There is a whole lotta good happening here too. In order to give a broader view of this particular lunar transit, you have to understand that this energy is not an individual one, but a continous flow that’s been evolving over the last 6 months. Every New and Full Moon in a particular sign is a cycle. This Aries Full Moon is the harvest time for what intentions and energies were put in motion in the Aries New Moon in April, and so on with every single one.

A lot of trauma or old wounds from the past are being seriously lit. As uncomfortable as this might be, it’s necessary for what you are meant to live from this point on. The past gives some of the best lessons in healing. If you don’t know what needs to be healed, it continues to fester and manifest in ways you don’t want it to, the Universe keeps presenting the same lesson in different ways, until you learn and move on to the next one. Bringing your attention to triggers, wounds, regrets and any circumstances or emotions that need to be tended to is empowering and pushes you forward, stronger and more in tune with yourself. The healing process of this human experience is never over. There’s always something that can be healed, so why be afraid of this process?

You may have recurring situations or circumstances in your life that stem from the same trigger. This is the perfect time to do things differently, grab the bull by the horns, face your deepest and darkest wounds/fears and avoid giving your power over to them. Everything in life is a choice, and you get to do it now. Choose to relive old wounds, fall into familiar and unhealthy patterns or break free and liberate yourself from them.

Because of the fact that every single one of us is going through an extensive transformation, be very aware and mindful of others and your reactions towards them. Careful with any temper tantrums, ploits of victimization or manipulations. Since Aries brings the fire, you have to keep yours in check. Now, I’m not at all saying that it all has to be unicorns and rainbows and any uncomfortable emotions must be stuffed or held back. Quite the contrary! if you feel angry, let yourself feel it. If you feel frustrated, allow yourself to really FEEL it. In doing so, you can take advantage of it and identify how you’re being triggered in order to find a solution to bring yourself back in harmony with yourself and others. Avoid power struggles and any “my truth is more important than yours” attitude. Yes, there’s a difference between putting yourself first and becoming selfish and ego-driven. Stay mindful, conscious and aware that you (and only you) are accountable for your actions, words and repercussions that might stem from them. Think before you speak, think before you act and most importantly: ACT, don’t react.

One of the effects of this Aries Full Moon that I am most excited about, is that it’s also illuminating YOU; your core, value, passions, essence, voice, your truth. Notice what sparks you up to the core, what feeds that drive and that zest for life. We spend too much time of our life listening to the outside and neglect that inner voice because of too many reasons. It’s time to listen to your soul, and not only that! but to act on it. This fire energy is pushing us all to take action, move forward, build, evolve and to keep challenging ourselves, even when shit hits the fan. Focus on what is sacred and inspiring to you and lead with that. Be who you are, put yourself out there! Place a little bit more focus on where you’re putting your energy and time in, they’re both quite valuable. So, put them where it’s worth the effort. It’s time to invest in yourself, give yourself a little credit!

There’s a bit of focus on relationships too, with the Libra influence around. So, the effect of this Full Moon may not just be on a personal, individual level, but rather a tapestry of how we relate to others and our relationships. How are your relationships nurturing your soul? Are they in harmony? Is there something stagnant that needs a little fire to rekindle? Is it time to just forgive in order to move on? How are we triggering others? how are others triggering you? Again, if something is no longer resonating with you in your life, perhaps it’s time to let the cycle close and give birth to something new. You choose the frequency/vibration you want within and around you.

As always, Full Moon energy is about releasing and making room for the new, so… given the fact that it’s shedding light on what does some harm in our lives, where we are still tender and where pain may lie, it’s time to LET. IT. GO. This is not only for our sake, but for the sake of other around us. We are all each other’s mirrors, so, if we don’t like a particular reflection, it must be worked on and brought back into balance. Yes, it might be scary and unnerving, but there’s something wonderful waiting on the other side of this transformation. Not one of us will remain untouched by some sort of change.

You are transforming.
You are unstoppable.
You are divine spark incarnated.
You are strong and fierce.
You are protected and safe.
You are wise and strong.
You are blessed.
You are not alone.

Oh, and one last piece of advice: Do yourself a favor and take life with a little humor and lightheartedness. Sometimes seeing the world through childlike eyes feels much more refreshing and a little less stressful. Find wonder and magic in everything, be grateful always and believe, believe, believe that anything is possible.

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Now, charge on and have a wonderful harvest!


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