Aries Full Moon – October 2017

Aries Full MoonThis lunar forecast might be shorter than the ones I usually like to do, but I still wanted to take some time to share my input on this today’s lunar and astrology energy so you can harness and absorb it for your benefit!

Like I mentioned in the October Forecast, this Full Moon will be much about relationships and a lot focus on yourself too.

Today’s lunar energy and surrounding transits bring the spark that will unleash the fire we hold within. A lot has been stirred up and brought to surface in the past few months, and now it’s time take those lessons in truth and balance and take action towards new ground.

The Moon in Aries is about YOU (the inidividual); your truth, your intentions, what you want, desire, work for, are motivated about and your own actions while the Sun together with Mercury and Jupiter in Libra are about US (the collective or others); their truths and intentions, collaborations, partnerships and community.

This might give way to power struggles, issues with authority  or differences of opinions and a sense of rebelious attitude. So, given how the world is now and what humanity has been going through in the recent past… we really do need balance and compassion.

When you believe in your truth ABOVE everyone else’s, the ego comes in and takes over. We become more open to judgement; judgement then opens the door to some shadow emotions like frustration, fear, anger, hate, racism and such. When we accept others WITH their own truths, we become more open to love; love opens the door to compassion, balance, kindness, other perspectives, harmony and community. We can be different and yet co-exist in peace, it’s OK to disagree with others. Don’t make it all 100% about you, and don’t make it all 100% about other people, we are each responsible and held accountable for our own actions and not the actions of others.

It may even be difficult to manage these strong emotions that may rise up because communicating your own feelings may be harder than usual but keep reminding yourself that we are being guided towards finding balance, and healing that which has risen from the shadows. Breathe, speak your truth from a place of kindness and love. Be very careful not to react harshly towards others or being too volatile, because people will be hurt and you may regret it later on. My best advice: Remember sometimes it’s not the words you choose to say but HOW you choose to say them. Be tactful, assertive and kind.

Since different energies have different effects on each and every one of us, maybe this struggle for some of you will be an inner struggle between judgement and love, between what you want and what others want for you, between what comes from your ego and what comes from your highest self. The Full Moon always brings light into what has been in darkness, so there may be some secrets, past traumas, self esteem issues, something that may have still be hidden that will rise up in the midst of this struggle.

This time around, the Moon shines the light on control as well. Are you trying to be too much in control? maybe you’re letting other people, your emotions or external factors control you? What could you do to release some of that control? Write it down, meditate, ask your guides for some clarity, do some journaling and prepare to release these things and whatever you no longer want or need in your life with the help of this Full Moon.

All the challenges and difficulties that we have faced (and continue to face) are bringing a wonderful transformation that will break new and fertile ground for you to keep manifesting your dreams and intentions, but you need to be willing to do the work and become even more conscious in order to heal and take in those lessons with an open heart. Resistance may be a recipe for some intense feelings and reactions in your life, so it’s best to flow. Don’t give up, don’t quit believing you can. You’ve got this, we all do!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to prepare a special ritual for this particular Aries Full Moon BUT there are some beautiful and creative ways I found from other inspiring souls to harness this Aries Full Moon, and I’d like to share them with you.

🌟  If you’d like to know how to Create your own Moondala courtesy of Spirit de la Lune, click here.


🌟 If you’d like to do a ritual for tonight, here are a few inspired ones:

I absolutely loved the one Gyspyarts shared with us, to view it, go here. Sharron also shared a fun and insightful card and don’t forget to check out her #KindleTheGoddessWithin Divination Challenge, which starts today! Go here to see what it’s about.

A nice energetic connection and clearing can be found in this one, here.

Buddha - Healing Crystals
You can also check my suggestions for last month’s Full Moon rituals, here.

🌟  As for spreads for tonight, these are some of my favorites:

Ethonys Aries Full Moon spread


Moonmamamedium Aries Full Moon Spread

Moon Mama Medium’s

Emerald Lotus Divination full moon spread

Emerald Lotus Divination’s

I hope all of you have a wonderful Full Moon!


  1. emeraldlotus October 5, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    Great post! Thanks for sharing my spread 🙂

    1. Moon Siren October 5, 2017 at 3:46 pm

      It was wonderful! I couldn’t resist 💚


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