Aquarius New Moon & Solar Eclipse – February 2018

Well, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to post this sooner, but I believe it still holds valuable information about the significance of this particular event and the energy is still present even after.

This Solar Eclipse (even if it’s partial or non visible in certain areas) marks the start of a 6-month cycle of change and transformation. The past Lunar Eclipse gave closure to whatever was worked or discovered in the August Solar Eclipse, 2017. The curious thing about Eclipses is that they come in pairs; Lunar Eclipses bring endings and culmination (as they happen on Full Moons) and Solar Eclipses bring new beginnings (New Moons). How perfectly symbiotic right?

Before I get into today’s event, I wanted to write a bit about the past few weeks too, as they are still quite relevant to what we may discover with this New Moon.

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo brought a lot of clarity of self. How you’re choosing to shine, if you’re speaking and living in your truth, what things you have outgrown or which no longer resonate with you.  Core values and beliefs might have also been affected, previous structures torn down or changed. Basically, anything that was not serving you might have become very apparent at this time. All of these energies and circumstances that have risen are not there to knock you out senselessly for no reason, they are coming in to guide and align you in your journey.

The next two weeks, you could have been feeling a bit restless and uneasy thanks to all of the things that came up with the Eclipse. Think of it as dusting a carpet inside, no matter how figured out you have your cleaning technique, the dust will settle on its own, and it will take a certain amount of time to do so. The same applies here, I believe. Energies don’t just dissipate immediatly, they too have a process.

How these particular energies affected everyone will definitely be different. For some, it may have been a complete inner transformation, for others, relationships or external circumstances might have changed or ended. Whatever it is that you’ve been going through, know that it was meant to happen. All of the things that may have surfaced in the past couple of weeks were meant to align you with your purpose and with this Solar Eclipse, it’s not only about you anymore, but how you can use your talents, gifts and traits to contribute to the world, that is one of the Aquarius influences being present.

This Aquarius New Moon really brings that spark of the divine to you, a world filled with opportunity, new experiences, new perspectives, new ideas, new projects and the motivation and passion to move towards them. You can’t really bring something new when there’s no more room left. That’s why the past few weeks are directly connected with this event. In order to make room for all of those things you wish to see in yourself and the world, we must let go of others that will no longer be of use.

Innovation is another influence that Aquarius brings, so let that creativity and power of thought flow. Seek the things that resonate with you and elevate your vibration. There is a reason why you have unique talents, those are the ones to be shared. Don’t be afraid to create an impact, whether it be in other’s minds or in your community. And speaking of community, this is also a really good time to give back and be a part of it. Those connections with people around you may prove to be very beneficial for your own process and as a collective.

Don’t be surprised if there are still a few revelations or epiphanies coming your way, as I said before, the energy doesn’t just dissapear in a day. So, pay close attention to what can still surface for you and know that it will be for your highest good and that of all. Change can sometimes feel uncomfortable, as we cuddle into our comfort zone and get shocked when something is trying to pull us out of it. However, if we resist these changes, anxiety and confusion might creep in. Practicing acceptance and gratitude can really help to bring that water quality into our life and just let things flow naturally. You are always protected by the Universe and Higher Powers, so, what’s there to really fear?

This transit really brings expansion, transformation and change, no matter how hard it may be at some point. If you find yourself becoming impatient or restless, perhaps even feeling like your energy is scattered, all over the place and can’t focus. Stop. Breathe. Remind yourself that everything is happening for a reason and in due time. Trying to speed up the process will not make things go any faster. Accept and be grateful of where you are today. You can’t do anything other than learn from the past, the future is not here quite yet. That’s the power of TODAY. Being present and mindful of what you can do today to bring in what you want in your future is how you can take action. Intentions only go so far if you don’t act in accordance with them. You have to show up for the seeds that you’re planting, nurture and take care of them.

One of the biggest questions that have resonated with me at this time is: Who are you and what would you like to bring to the world? It seems like a simple, basic question but, in the end, it holds a lot of power and guidance. Be yourself, speak your truth, be genuine and do things from the heart. Look at the bigger picture and where you want to place yourself. With the Aquarius energy, don’t be afraid to think outside the box! You might find some colorful and fun answers.

As I usually do, I’m sharing a few rituals that can be done to celebrate and channel energies on this fine New Moon…

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And a little advice from The Astro Twins:

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A few spreads for guidance at this time:

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Aquarius New Moon Spread - Daughter of WandsDaughter of Wands


I wanted to close this article by saying that the Universe gives us tools to guide and shine some light on our path; connecting to moon phases, astrology, tarot reading, using pendulums and so on, but the one true compass you must listen to is the one within yourself. If you’re feeling ready to let go of something and the Full Moon is nowhere near, that’s ok, let go. If your gut is telling you to start a project in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde, that’s fine too. There’s a reason why each of us have been gifted with our intuition, it’s there to guide us.

Astrological transits and everything else, give us an idea of the general energy that’s available to us, but doesn’t limit us from trusting and following our intuition. The Universe gifted us with free will. That means, we can make a choice. Don’t want something in your life anymore? You have the choice to keep it or let it go. Don’t want to feel the way you feel? You have the choice to keep doing the same thing or make adjustments and move forward.

Remember to listen to your intuition and take advantage of the magical, wonderful tools we’ve been given. Have a fantastic New Moon everyone!

The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.– Moon Siren

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