Aquarius New Moon – January 24th 2020

Aloha manifesters!

I have been feeling outbursts of energy and some mad electric feelings in my body, new moon related perhaps? I think so…

Today’s words are tapping into a bit of tomorrow’s Aquarius New Moon energy. Now, I myself am not an astrologer, so I will not be going into specific details on the transits surrounding this New Moon, but I will be sharing about the overall energy that we might be feeling (since a few days back). I myself feel that these first months of 2020 will set the tone for the rest of the year.

There is so much energy surrounding this particular moment, that it took me a few days to integrate it all and find the words to try and communicate in the best and most effective way possible. It has literally been bouncing around in pieces in my head until it finally came together.

There is one thing for certain, change and disruptions are imminent. Now, don’t start panicking… this is not necessarily good or bad. I would like to point out that nothing in this universe is inherently good or bad, it’s just a label that we attach to it from our own perspective and experience. Having said that, here goes…

There is a definite buzz around us. Lots of creative juices are flowing, ideas, projects, concepts and desires are being sparked, birthed. It’s a very fertile time for really going deep down and getting in touch with what we want to manifest it. I’m talking accelerated energy when it comes to materializing our desires. Energies have been gaining momentum for a while now, and from this point on, you might feel like everything is on overdrive, speeding up, coming in. that might be slightly daunting but remember to breathe through it. Everything that is coming in is meant to be. Take some time to imagine what your best life looks like, what it makes you feel, who you’re surrounded with, what your best self looks like, how they act. Connect with your true nature, to those dreams you had as a kid, to that feeling of limitless belief.

There might be some inner tension or confusion that may arise, because we may feel different or even polar energies pulling and tugging at us. On one side there’s this energy of the self; what I want, what I need, getting in touch with your authentic self and being able to express it through different forms. Wanting to live that authentic life even if it brings down certain pre-existing dynamics or structures. On the other hand, we have this awareness of the collective experience, of that sense of community and thinking of others and not only ourselves. In this case, I will tell you not to be discouraged, try not to become frustrated and caught up in your head on what to do with specific circumstances.

Instead, know and feel that if you are in alignment with your authentic self, your true essence and act from that place, you are already supporting the collective shifts needed. When we are living a life that truly makes our heart and soul happy, our vibration changes and we emit affects the outside world as well. The collective improves and becomes better when we, as individuals, improve and become better. Also, the world is exponentially better when we come together. This is very important at this time.

If you have to put aside for a moment, what others expect, want or require from you, to really connect with yourself, your passions, your desires, your light and shadow self, do it. We can still come together with others while fully being ourselves. This will allow you to take inspired action, to make choices that will bring you to where you want and are meant to be and feel supported in the process. Of course, thinking of yourself doesn’t mean that you get to bulldoze over everyone else, kindness and mindfulness are always a better way to go, just don’t overlook your own needs and desires. Especially at this time.

We are being asked to work on our inner world, to be honest, it’s time to face ourselves, to face what we’ve buried and repressed in order to REALLY SEE ourselves. That’s why I feel this is a time when we can focus on ourselves while still being connected to others in different ways. We are all going through some sort of transformation or shift, we are all discovering patterns and beliefs that hold us back, we are all trying to open up our hearts more (even if sometimes we’re afraid to) and this fact alone binds us all together in a collective experience, you are not alone. Perhaps it will do you well, to seek other like-minded individuals so you can be supportive/supported and hold space for each other. There is a vast possibility for creating a new paradigm, a new life, new beginnings, manifesting at max speed with this energy. But, it’s also asking us to check our baggage for unfinished business.

I know we all love to hear about new beginnings, manifesting opportunities, growth and expansion, but sometimes we tend to overlook that most of the time those things come from getting out of our comfort zones, being slightly uncomfortable or from a lot of pain. Think of a snake right now (may sound random but bear with me). You all know snakes shed their old skin to be able to grow. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must feel, restricting, exhausting and slow but they instinctively know that they have to do so, to feel lighter, to grow, to expand, to be able to move freely. Can you see a snake saying mid-way through a shed “this is too hard, I’m just going to stay small forever instead”… I doubt it.

This is another reminder coming from these energies. We allow ourselves to stay small. For different reasons, I know. Some may be due to external expectations, insecurities, etc. But the time has come when every single one of us can grow and shine, there’s enough room for all of us to be our authentic selves! Each and every single person on this Earth has something to contribute, something that makes them unique, something that they came here to do. Allow yourself to shine. We need the real you!

Another possible difficulty during this Aquarius New Moon is that in order to create something, what was there before needs to end or be transformed. Either way, it’s not always comfortable. We are going to see and feel existing structures crumble, in the outside world and inside each one of us. This is another reason why this time might be confusing, because not only is the energy making us reconnect with ourselves and our power to bring in new energy, but it’s also asking us to tear things down; whether it be personal fears, limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns, social programming, etc. It’s especially asking of us to get ourselves out of our own way. There is soooo much that will be torn down. Acceptance is key in this part. The more you attach yourself to what no longer serves a purpose, the more uncomfortable it will be, maybe even painful.

I know, it’s easier said than done, and trust me, I still struggle sometimes with being accepting of everything that is, but the key is to be aware of it. Accepting that change is the only constant in this life is the one thing that can minimize that feeling of pressure when letting go or closing chapters, as well as accepting what we do want in our lives.

There is a definite burst of energy going through us. If we’re flexible, proactive and accepting, it will support us in being motivated, having clear direction, a sense of wonder and excitement, acting towards our goals, connecting with our deepest desires and dreams, exploring outside of the mold, expressing our uniqueness without fear, being passionate about what sparks your soul, creating new and exciting things, coming together with people for a greater purpose! Your vision can be broad and limitless!

Now, how we channel this energy can make quite the difference. If we are still trying to control too much, if we’re repressing emotions, are resisting too much to change and are feeding into drama; emotions can be erratic, impatience can cause more harm in the long run, hasty decisions can leave a mess to clean up or relationships to mend. Be flexible and adapt.

Does this powerful energy support us in planting the seeds we so deeply desire to see grow? Yes. Will we possibly be triggered so we can take weeds out and make space? most definitely.

I feel like I’ve said more than enough for today, but I hope it was helpful and may it resonate with the deepest parts of your souls!

I created this spread for those of you who would like to ask higher self/realms for tarot/oracle guidance for this Aquarius New Moon. I wholeheartedly wish it serves you well.

Aquarius New Moon 2020 spread

Aquarius New Moon 2020 spread2

Happy growing, starseeds! My heart is with you all.


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