August Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Energies

And so, we’re entering the August Eclipse season!

Eclipses always intensify the energies surrounding it, and this one is no different. Especially since it’s the window to the next New Moon in bright and passionate Leo again!

Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Aquarius will be shared with a Lunar Eclipse. This lunar eclipse will be seen all around the world except for the Americas. Even though in some parts of the world, we may not see it, we will certainly FEEL the energy rising and strengthening.

Eclipses usually bring forth unresolved, old or ignored parts of us, that we’ve chosen to leave in the dark (or maybe we’re unaware that they linger in darkness). It’s never really comfortable or fun to look at your shadow side and see it as clear as day. But this happens so we gain more clarity on who we are, who we want to be and where we want to go. Sometimes changing our perception and direction is just what we need in order to align with our greater purpose.

On the 7th, we’ll already be in the shadow area of Mercury retrograde, which will most definitely bring change, reevaluation of things, perhaps a change in priorities or certain things that used to be a foundation for you, may be shattered and left clean to rebuild. Always remember to be patient during this retrograde, it can bring out the worst in us sometimes (hello test of patience!). This Full Moon falls in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, The Observer. The intentions we set now will be amplified because of the Eclipse energy. This moment is perfect for bringing the future we want to see, while mindfully creating it as we go. To manifest our dreams.

The energies that have come before this one, have all been preparing us for this moment (and those to come in the short run). We’ve been challenged, beaten down, motivated, inspired, dared and many more things in order for our own process to flow. A new era is on the horizon and this is the time to let go. Whatever no longer serves us needs to be released; childhood traumas, things from the past, and even things from our present. It’s time to overcome fears and insecurities, and look inward. Trust your intuition. It’s time to raise our vibrations and release.

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