August Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Rituals

I love to harness and amplify current energies through small rituals or ceremonies in order to flow. Here are some ritual ideas for this Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse!

🌟Create a sacred space for this (if you already have one, you’re good to go!). Don’t forget to cleanse this space before beginning your ritual. You can smudge with Palo Santo or Sage, use Selenite wands or Incense. Allow the smoke to cleanse every part of your space (as well as any tools you might want to use).

🌟Light a candle (blues, greens, purple, yellow-gold or white) and envision the life you dream of. Be as detail oriented in your mind’s eye as you can. This will amplify the intention and make it stronger.

🌟Close your eyes and think about what’s made you dim or hide your light, any insecurities that have held you back, negative feelings towards yourself or others, any harmful behaviors you may have noticed, things that give you anxiety or tension. Write it down on a piece of paper. When you feel ready, burn it with the candle you have lit (be careful not to do this around places or things that may catch on fire! Have a glass of water beside you just in case) and consciously release all those things. As you burn it, say “I release and let this go. I allow myself to shine bright and accept the fire within”. Once it’s done burning say “And so, it is”.

🌟Bring out your journal or a piece of paper and write down things you feel grateful for. The abundance that already exists in your life. Place your hands together close to your heart and thank the Universe, God, Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestors for the guidance you have and will continue to receive.

🌟Bring outside (or near a window) any crystals, totems, special objects or decks to recharge under the moonlight. Remember to take them inside in the morning since not all crystals and stones can be under sunlight for too long. Also, make sure they are protected in case it rains (you don’t want any object to be damaged). Additional advice:

🌟Add a touch of Indigo, electric blues or greens, turquoise or violet to your outfit, home or sacred space. And you can place Orchids, Irises or Birds of Paradise wherever you wish too.

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