Aquarius Full Moon – August 2020

A Full Moon is gracing us again and this one is changing the game. We’ve had many Super Moons, Eclipses and soooo much movement in planetary alignments that have influenced 2020 and it’s been a doozy. I’ll give you that!

The energy coming through this time around reminds us that what we do on a personal level also impacts on a collective one as Aquarius energy is very much about community and humanitarianism as it is about change and new paradigms. With the Sun in Leo, this individual-collective, mind-heart axis is very much active. These changes will most definitely be seen within us and relfected on our environments. As cliché as it sounds, finding balance and harmony between them is crucial.

That being said, we might be slowly shifting away from ways we had been living in, that no longer align with who we are becoming, seeking different points of view, different experiences, new information or beliefs or simply just a new way of life. Our hearts have been cracked open this year, and possibly even before that for some, because we really needed to connect with our heart in order to find our truth. By finding our truth we truly connect to our power source, our confidence and our strength. This was necessary to make us ready for this time. Why? Because we’re slowly but surely being pushed into taking action based on what we found deep within us. The fire inside of us is being awakened.

I also feel that one of the reasons why there were so many alignments and energies moving us in Cancer, and that were trying to make us feel our emotions and really dive deep into ourselves was to give us a chance to find our home within because it served a purpose. When we find home within, we stop trying to “fit in”. When we truly know who and what we are, that need loses a little bit of its power and it can turn into a sense of belonging, instead of being a need for external acceptance and validation. If we truly know ourselves, we can stumble upon or find other kindred spirits who share the same values and beliefs, even IF we are different.

So many social movements have reminded us that we can be ourselves, be unique and individual while still belonging to a greater cause, a greater meaning, a greater experience. We can still contribute and impact.

With Uranus in the mix, playing along with this Aquarian Moon energy, we can definitely expect the unexpected. Sudden changes, new information, revelations and surprises are not at all rare. All the while, Mars also playing ball, makes us want to charge and take action. However, Fire energy (Sun in Leo) can make us a little impulsive and explosive, so we do need to be as grounded as we can before we commit to a life changing decision or new path on a whim. Not to doubt its validity, but to find a tempered way to start the journey. It might feel like a lot going on, especially if those sudden changes come into your life. Yes, it may be a little chaotic and noisy both inside and outside of ourselves. If you get the need to make life changing decisions at this time, ask yourself this: Is this something that is just now coming up or has it been something that’s been present for a long time? Will it bring more chaos into my life or does it bring more balance? Stay flexible, you don’t have to have your life figured out today. Leave a little room for surprises. Remember, a negative or fatalistic mindset makes things more difficult on yourself and actually drains your energy. Feel what you need to feel, but try not to get stuck on it.

Yes, we might be staring uncertainty in the face, but we can call upon that Leo drive and courage as well as Aquarius’ visionary nature. both Uranus and Aquarius (Uranus rules Aquarius) are “shaking things up” kind of energy. So now, that we are seeing things start to maybe shake, crumble and fall, we can recognize those we actually do want to keep, and those that’s best to just let them fall away and stay in the old paradigm, not to be taken forward. Uncertain times also tend to bring up our greatest of fears. It’s not easy to face them either, but they do allow us to learn more about ourselves and why we need to do what we need to do. Another thing we might be able to see now is what is crumbling that we are holding on to out of fear and not from soul purpose or alignment.

Maybe there’s a role you’ve put yourself in that you fear might be broken if change occurs? Why did you feel the need to put yourself in that role in the first place? Did you actively place yourself in that role or was it as a part of collective influences? ahhh, many answers follow when we ask ourselves the right questions.

When the moon is fully iluminated, a lot of light is being shone on our emotional subconscious, so a little contemplation goes a long way. Insights on the horizon. There might still be answers for you, maybe even some “eureka” moments where everything suddenly clicks. Because of the “changes” theme, we most definitely might feel on edge, a little jumpy, anxious or jittery. This is why it’s absolutely necessary to give ourselves a break so we can navigate this energy without becoming a handful of nervous, erratic energy.

Allow yourself to be still too, to take a little pause and quiet time whenever you need it, to use that Aquarian discernment and judgement before impulse takes you somewhere volatile.  If you’re not sure you can handle all of this chaotic energy, recharge, retreat a little if you have to. When channeled well, this is energy that can propel you forward, make way and get that inner core fired up.

I strongly feel that this moment doesn’t necessarily tell us to not fear, but it asks us for courage in action IN SPITE of being afraid. Inspiring trust, drive, selflessness, community and new ways of being. How will we face our own fears and step outside of our little comfortable box? How will we step up or show up for our community? For the world? How can our uniqueness and individuality be integrated for the greater good of the collective? How can we use our inner fire to create a better world?

Happy Full Moon lovelies,



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