April – Reading of the Month

The seasons change, new cycles begin and we start to feel the fresh feeling of spring in the air. Rebirth, blooming, growing and a myriad of colors and scents all around us. April is here.

There’s definitely an air of hope and faith rolling in with the energies that seem to be predominant this month. Of course, that’s not to say that there won’t be any challenges on our path. It could mean, however, that our disposition to face them might be strong or we’ll be pleasantly surprised by solutions or ideas that seem to come out of nowhere. It could bring change to our perspective in a way that allows us to feel a tad bit lighter, even in the face of uncertainty and new experiences. 

Since I myself am shaking things up both in my life and the Blog, I decided to do the same with how I do the Monthly Draws. This time around, I selected 4 cards to speak to us about different areas for the month; Theme, Opportunities, Challenges and Soul Guidance.

Theme of the Month
Soul Guidance

Let’s start with the Theme!

April as the Page of Cups has this fun and playful energy to it. This kind of energy opens us up to a vast realm of possibilities, energy that makes us feel reinvigorated and allows us to daydream and fantasize about the things we desire in life and what we want to do with it.  We can expect this month to bring a surge of creative bursts, to require an open mind from us, and to remind us that there has to be some sort of follow-through of action on our part after the dreaming state settles in.

This energy gives me very child-like vibes in the best of ways. Remember how as kids we believed almost anything to be possible? We feel giddy and excited about new ideas, new experiences or discoveries, we were extremely curious and our beings were ready to take and turn everything into an adventure. That’s the kind of feeling we can tap into this month if we choose to. Surprises are in store!

This can also be a very emotional energy since we’re talking about Cups, so this may mean that an emotional side of us is opening up more and allowing ourselves to experience things in a new way, to see things in a different light or with a much fresher perspective. We’re being called to listen closely to our intuition, even if at times it may not make sense 100%. Pay extra attention to dreams you may have while this energy is present since some messages or answers might come to you in the dream realm.

Now, keep in mind to not get completely lost in fantasy world. Yes, it’s necessary to dream, but dreaming without thinking about the steps to create… that’s just an illusion. Once we see where we want to go, we plan ahead and need to be willing to take the steps that will move us forward.

As always in this Universe, we have opportunities in our path!

These are represented by The Wheel of Fortune. Trust, hopefulness, and acceptance are key when it comes to this energy. It basically reminds us that things are forever in flux and that everything in life has a cycle; one second we can be down and the next we’re soaring high. This card is also associated with change and transitions, which requires us to be flexible to this. The more we try to cling onto what’s familiar to us, the harder we make these transitions for ourselves. We must trust that there are still things falling into place and it’s not our job or place to know for certain what those pieces are or when they’ll be in place. That’s where acceptance comes in, trusting that wherever that wheel stops, it will bring us closer to where we need to be. Instead of fearing the turn of The Wheel because it may lead to uncertainty, take that as an invitation for reinvention and rebirth, and use it to spark creativity and gratitude. 

Why gratitude? If the wheel comes to you in a low point, be grateful that things might start looking up soon for you. If you’re at your highest, be grateful for every chance you get because it does not last forever. In both cases, it’s never a bad idea to be grateful for where you’re at now.

For some of you, the presence of this energy means that significant changes might be ignited when presented with a new opportunity or offer. Maybe a chance to do something that scares and excites you at the same time, maybe you discover something new that you feel absolutely passionate about and will change your life in a sense. Maybe some external opportunities may find you that will shake up your routine as you know it. The Wheel of Fortune always reminds us that we’re not alone. We have a support system, whether it’s living people in our realm or our spiritual guides and light beings. Don’t be afraid to receive support.

In every single circumstance in life there are challenges to be faced and the energy that might bring these is the Four of Cups.

I tend to call this The Tantrum Card because of the energy that it gives off to me. If I could use one single example for what this energy looks like in real life, it’s this: Try to imagine a child that says he’s hungry but says NO to anything you offer them, no matter what it is. That’s Four of Cups energy right there. It’s no surprise that this card would come up as potential energy for challenges because a lot of times we can be the only thing in our way. 

Opportunities come to us in different ways all the time and we can, at times, say no because we want to wait for the perfect moment, the perfect strategy, the perfect lead, the perfect image, the perfect sound, etc. “It’s not ready yet”, “I want to do X before that happens” and many things we tell ourselves to justify passing on opportunities that knock on our door. But there will never be a perfect time to start, to say yes, to take a leap of faith. If it’s something that could get you to your goal but it’s not THE goal… it deserves consideration.

Keep in mind that some situations that present themselves in our lives are not the end goal, but a bridge to get us there. A chapter in our book, so to speak. If we continuously say no to these situations because they’re not a perfect picture of what we imagined, we might find ourselves going into a deep funk that feels like dis-alignment and failure. This energy can also symbolize regret. so try to not focus too much on those opportunities that you didn’t take or the ones that didn’t quite pan out. Instead, learn from them and keep your vision open to embracing new ones.

Be mindful of your thoughts and emotions… this is where we get the rug pulled from under us at times. When we don’t feel confident, valuable, smart or experienced enough, we can self-sabotage and let fear overpower our intuition or desires. So, if you’re feeling any negativity, whether it’s negative self-talk or apathy, try to refocus and rephrase to a mindset that empowers you and gives you drive and motivation. Believe in yourself and your dreams.

And now, the Soul Guidance card to bring a little bit of awareness on how we need to nurture our spirit so it can support us through this month’s energies. 

Bring on the Three of Cups energy! I absolutely smiled when I drew this as the Soul Guidance card because it’s such a feeling of interconnectedness, joyfulness and supportive energy. It’s a beautiful reminder that we don’t necessarily have to do things alone, do all the work, carry all the weight. It’s ok to have fun, too! It’s ok to let other people in and celebrate us or with us! Allow your soul to connect wholeheartedly with other people whenever you can. Be social, break the routine a little. Celebrate your wins no matter how big or small you think they are.

This also represents creative collaborations and a sense of community, so ask yourself if the path to your dreams could use a wingman, if the success you seek could come from coming together with other people and inject new ideas into it. Maybe if you allow others to join you on your path, you’d feel a little lighter and would feel supported and encouraged as well as motivated and driven.

Stay in tune with the Moon! You can find the draws for the New and Full Moons of April here.

Have fun this month and mold that ethereal magic into a palpable experience. Be an alchemist!

With love,

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