Joining Energies – April 28th

I hear and read a lot about this embracing the light culture and while it’s a good message, I’ve often thought it can be slightly dangerous. 

Accepting only the light within us can definitely cause imbalances and destabilize our internal compass. Why? Because we, as human beings, are not only light. We are both equal amounts of light and dark. Embracing one and denying the other is denying a part of our own selves. That’s where it can become harmful. 

In my life, I’ve heard many people say you have to fight the demons in your head, but I don’t think that is entirely accurate. When they start as voices that aren’t heard, they get louder and louder, more aggressive. A nuance can become a demon with enough neglect and time. 

This is why I feel it’s important to change the narrative to sit with those demons, as if it were a meeting. Listen to what they’re saying and make yourself aware of what they bring to you. Most of the time, they’re trying to tell you something deeply important about yourself, your past or undealt traumas. They feel like demons or darkness because they make us uncomfortable and sometimes bring truths that we don’t want to accept. 

Today’s message is about bringing the light and the shadow together as one. To embrace and be aware of both in order to bring you to higher levels of awareness. More awareness = more personal power you tap into. 

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses in a profound manner allows you to really make decisions that improve your life. Face your darkest parts today, listen to them, get to know them and be aware of what they are showing you about yourself. 

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