Alone Time – Weekly Self-care Message

Sunday/weekly self care message has arrived!

This week we might need to retreat to our little sanctuary, whether metaphorical or literal, and spend some time with ourselves.

This practice allows us to listen and connect with our emotions, our dreams, our intentions, and of course… Our bodies.

This card really makes me feel that it will serve us well to do little daily check-ins. How are we feeling? On all levels. This also allows us to clear our mind and detach from daily tasks to be able to stay objective and discerning.

Spending alone also lets us see how our energy levels are. Do we need to make small adjustments? Do we have enough energy? Do we need to raise our vibration?

Setting aside time for ourselves is not selfish. It’s necessary to be able to show up for ourselves and others on a daily basis and in the bigger picture. Leaving time for ourselves is a sign that we know our own value and tend to it, to keep ourselves at our best.

Not everyone can take hours but even if it’s just 5 minutes. Be still.

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