All You Need Is Love – August 22nd 2018

Love is all around us all the time. Even in those moments when we think we can’t see or feel it.

Unconditional love is wanting the best for others (and yourself) regardless of expectations. Love is free from judgement, from limitations. Love is infinite.

Today’s draw brings this to your attention. Where can you feel this Universal love? How is Love manifesting in your life?

One key thing in finding it, is being open to it. Knowing that you are worthy and deserving of it. Love is all around but you have to trust and open yourself to it, embrace it.

Often there are times when we limit love to what we *think* it should look and feel like, but the wonderful thing about love is that we can all express it in our own way. This means other people are sharing the love with you too, in their very own way.

Every day we receive love from this magical Universe and its energies. Everything, every day is happening for us. Abundant, everflowing cosmic love.

Today, you’re being asked to feel that love, without putting any labels or preconceived notions on it. A smile from a stranger, an unexpected gift, time with your loved ones, time for selfcare, selfless acts of kindness, whatever it is… Feel that vibration of love and light and allow yourself to receive.

You are so worth it!

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