All That Remains – October 18th 2017

18. The Starchild Tarot
“This is a time for transformation and regeneration”
The Starchild Tarot Guidebook

With everything that’s been going on lately, you might find yourself feeling a little uneasy, perhaps dreading change a little bit or even starting to feel a sense of loss or grief for all that has changed in the past months. Maybe you’ll seem to be struggling with the feeling that things don’t seem to move along how you wish they did. The light at the end of the tunnel might seem distant or non-existant but this card is a reminder that it’s there.

Make sure you don’t stay focused on what it is you’re losing or walking away from. It’s ok to let your emotions flow naturally; be sad if you feel that way, mourn or grief whatever is changing and may be affecting you but be careful not to resist these changes too much. This may lead you even more frustration or stagnation. You woulnd’t want to be stuck in this place where these emotions reign. Allow yourself to flow freely, experience and honor your emotions but also know that this is happening FOR you and not TO you.

Everything in this life has a way of working out. This is also a matter of perspective and where you’re placing your energy. If you focus on what’s being left behind, you’ll feel that emptiness and sorrow for longer than you should, as well as possibly hindering or sabotaging possible new experiences that are coming into your life. Shift your focus to what’s coming in, the limitless opportunities and options that these goodbyes might bring you. Imagine what that could be!

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