Aligned Surrender – August 24th 2020

Today’s draw feels like a strong reminder (even for myself!) and I feel it sets a tone for what we might need to keep in mind for the rest of the week.

August is coming to an end and what a month it’s been.

The message for today is to let go of the need to control the how and when of everything. Yes, we have notions of where we want to go, who we want to be and what we want in our lives but when we have set expectations on how it’s supposed to happen, what it should look like or when it’s supposed to happen, we limit ourselves and most of the time, get frustrated and/or it create anxiety. It’s easier said than done BUT we can try to consciously choose to trust that everything will fall into place.

This is where our own vibration comes into play. Our mindset is a very powerful thing. If our mindset isn’t in alignment with our intentions, it becomes more of a challenge to trust. When there is a disconnect between what we are saying (affirmations, spells, etc) and our vibration, it gets tougher.

I know it takes a lot of effort to quiet down the mind and neutralize our energy when we’re going down the rabbit hole but it can be done. With compassion, patience and a little genuine effort. I always say it’s ok to allow yourself to feel whatever you need to feel but the trick is not to get stuck in lower vibrations. Feel them. Notice them. Acknowledge them but look at what they’re telling you and move on. You’ve got this.

Trust. Surrender. Elevate.

I wanted to share the affirmations from each card from the book let ✨

“I surrender to the Divine with the knowledge that in doing so I will have in my life all that is meant for me.”

“I align with the desires I wish to manifest in my life and surround myself with positive energy”


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