Advice Card – Mercury Retrograde August 2018 – Week 2

We’re a week in in this Mercury Retrograde transit and if anyone else is feeling it as strongly as I am, guidance is needed. I decided to draw an advice card for the upcoming week of this transit. This might be good to be clear about what we need to rise up and have some positive effects.

Indeed a good reminder of how we are stronger than we believe we are. Sometimes when we feel things stacked up against us, we begin to feel weak and strained, like we can’t take anymore. But remember we’re never given more than we can handle, there’s lessons to be learned in order for us to grow. This is the exact time when we need to bring out that strength and resilience the most. These are the moments that define us.
Nothing in this life lasts forever, that goes for the challenging times as well. This too, shall pass, and once it does, we will be even stronger and wiser than before.

If you’d like to know more on this particular Retrograde, how it affects us and how to sail through it, go here.


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